In Person (Series) (1966-1968)

In Person
In Person filled the Saturday night slot between the end of the hockey game and the start of the national news. A musical variety show, its regulars were a big band led by Jimmy Dale, a vocal group called the In Singers, writer Allen Blye, and choreographer Andy Body. Each week, a different host introduced guest entertainers from Canada and elsewhere.

The 1967 fall season opened up the show's concept with more one-person performances, book and music shows, and by getting out of the studio more often. He also hired Al Hamel as the show's regular host, and signed a range of topline Canadian guests.

Tommy Common .... Host
Alex Barris .... Host
Don Francks .... Host
Wally Koster .... Host
Doug Crosley .... Host
Gordon Pinsent .... Host
Al Hamel .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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