In Opposition (Series) (1989-1990)

In Opposition was a Canadian television sitcom, which aired on the CBC in 1989. The show lasted only a single season.

It starred Kathleen Laskey as Karen Collier, a rookie Member of Parliament, who represented the (fictional) riding of Moncton—Macquedewawa for the (also fictional) Dominion Party of Canada. The show also starred Lawrence Dane as her party leader, Damir Andrei as a caucus colleague, and Jennifer Dale as Collier's neighbour Mary Margaret McCarthy.

Damir Andrei .... MacGilvary
Jennifer Dale .... Mary Margaret McCarthy
Lawrence Dane .... Joe Reynolds
Peter Keleghan .... Tom Sheridan
Kathleen Laskey .... Karen Collier
Judy Marshak .... Grace Kiley

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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