Episode Guide - In Concert (Series) (1981)

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Aug 19, 1981 - Tonight, another jazz purist's delight, with the legendary Dizzy Gillespie and his unique guests, Maynard Ferguson and Herbie Mann, from The Forum at Ontario Place's open air bandshell. Taped during the summer of 1980

Sep 16, 1981 - A performance by reggae singer Peter Tosh at Ontario Place. Songs include "Legalize It."

Sep 23, 1981 - A performance at Ontario Place by folk singer Dan Hill, with an appearance by Salome Bey. Dan sings "Sometimes When We Touch" and "Ghost," and is joined by Salome for "Hold On." Other songs by Dan include "Indian Woman" and "Fourteen Today." The program was taped last summer.

Sep 30, 1981 - A performance at Ontario Place by the folk-singing group The Travellers. Songs include some of their hits from the '60s, such as "Go Tell It on the Mountain" and "George Washington Bridge," as well as a selection of folk tunes from the Maritimes. Taped last summer at Ontario Place.

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