Improv Heaven & Hell (Series) (1999)

Aka: The Devil's Advocates' Improv Heaven & Hell

Improv Heaven & Hell
A comedy improvisation show, much like Whose Line is it Anyway, but taped all the way through and aired without editing. There are four contestants, two hosts, a musical director (who plays through pretty well all of the games, musical or not), and an audience. The hosts are The Devil's Advocates and the games are "chosen" by various theme-related methods such as Misfortune cookies, the 8-ball of Coincidence, the Cubador of Fate, the chicken bones, and Satan's Choice. At the end of the show, one of the contestants is chosen to be "punished" and they play the integral part in a final game as the credits are shown.

Peter Oldring .... Himself
Andrew Currie .... Host devil
Albert Howell .... Host devil
Lindsay Leese .... Herself
Bob Martin .... Himself
Frank McAnulty .... Himself
Lisa Merchant .... Herself
Colin Mochrie .... Himself
Jack Mosshammer .... Himself
Paul O'Sullivan .... Himself
Jenny Parsons .... Herself
Teresa Pavlinek .... Herself
Janet van de Graaf .... Herself
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