Imprint (Series) (1990- )

Aka: Imprint Writing Lessons (new title)

An interview show focusing in books, literature and the people who write them. Imprint was the longest-running television book show in the English language world. It was originally the brain-child of Daniel Richler’s tenure as arts head at TVO, and while Daniel was hosting it, Imprint was much more than a mere book show. It was—and I’m being exact here—a television show about the cultural and political importance and possibilities of precisely crafted language. Mostly it focused on books and their authors because book writers are—and are likely to remain—the most skilled non-sectarian practitioners of language. But the early Imprint shows weren’t close to an exclusive focus, and the original producers went out of their way to keep their eyes on the larger ball they set out to track, and they created a rare and relevant kind of television from it.

Imprint Writing Lessons: A magazine-style archival series with links to creative writing and Canadian literature curriculums. The stories, which originally were broadcast on TVO's book show Imprint, are a mix of interviews, panels, mini-documentaries, profiles, and features that would interest a student of creative writing or English literature.

Guy Lawson .... Host
Cynthia MacDonald
Daniel Richler .... Host
Tina Srebotnjak .... Host 2000-

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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