Episode Guide - Impressions (Series) (1973-1974)

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Jul 1, 1973 - Today's guest is Col. C. P. Stacey. an official army historian, appointed just prior to the Allied invasion of Normandy, France. Host-interviewer for the series is Prof. Ramsay Cook, author and teacher of history at Toronto's York University.

Jul 8, 1973 - Robertson Davies, the novelist, disputes the notion that Canadians are a colorless, grey people.

Jul 22, 1973 - Margaret Atwood, poet and novelist, reads some of her poetry and talks about the theme of her latest book, "Survival," a study of Canadian literature.

Aug 5, 1973 - Today's guest is George Grant, chairman of the department of religion at McMaster University and author of "Lament for a Nation."

Aug 19, 1973 - Arthur Erickson, one of Canada's outstanding architects, talks about his work and his concern about the growing lack of privacy crowding Canadians in their home environment.

Aug 26, 1973 - Sylvia Ostry, economist and head of Statistics Canada, talks about how statistics are compiled and how they can both help and hinder the Canadian government.

Sep 2, 1973 - Northrope Frye, literary critic, author of 12 books, more than 100 articles and nearly 200 published speeches; and professor of English literature at Toronto's Victoria College.

Sep 9, 1973 - Guy Rocher, vice-chairman of the Canada Council and professor of sociology at the University of Montreal. Quebec's political scene, and developments in education and the arts are the topics discussed.

Sep 23, 1973 - Guest is Alan King, Canadian filmmaker (Warrendale, A Married Couple).

(unknown airdate, 1973) - Guest is Roy Atkinson

Jun 23, 1974 - Debut of informal series of conversations between Quebec guests and historian Ramsay Cook. Today: French Canadian fiddler Jean Carignan talks about himself and his music, and gives a mini-recital.

Jul 7, 1974 - French-Canadian film maker Claude Jutra is today's guest in this series of conversations with Quebec luminaries.

Jul 21, 1974 - With guest Marie-Andre Bertrand, criminologist at the University of Montreal. Host interviewer is Prof. Ramsay Cook.

Sep 8, 1974 - F.R. Scott, constitutional lawyer and poet, discusses his handling of the Roncarelli case, in an interview first telecast in 1972 as part of the "Distinguished Canadians" series. Host-interviewer: Vincent Tovell.

Sep 15, 1974 - John David Hamilton talks with Georges-Henri Levesque, founder of Laval University.

(unknown airdate, 1974) - Guest is Hubert Aquin.

(unknown airdate, 1974) - Guest is Claude Castonguay.

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