I Was a Sixth Grade Alien (Series) (1999-2001)

Aka: My Best Friend Is an Alien

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien
The series is based upon a collection of novels written by award-winning author Bruce Coville. It follows the sixth grade adventures of Pleskit, the first alien kid on Earth whose father, Meenom, is a diplomat with the League of Galactic Bodies. Pleskit just wants to fit in, despite his blue hair, purple face and electricity-conducting antenna.

Ryan Cooley .... Pleskit
Daniel Clark .... Tim Tomkins
Panou .... Robert McNally
Jennifer Wigmore .... Ms. Weintraub
Gina Clayton .... Ms. Buttsman
Ali Mukaddam .... Second In Command
Julian Richings .... Meenom
Lauren Collins .... Lindy May
Michael Cera .... Larrabe Hicks
Leah Cudmore .... Blur
Nicole Hardy .... Georgia (season 2)
Fraser McGregor .... Various Characters (voice)
Kyle Schmid .... Jordan Lynch
Shadia Simmons .... October Wilde
Ashley Leggat .... Stacey (4 episodes)
Michelle Duquet .... Mademoiselle Parizeau (4 episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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