I Am a Hotel (Special) (1983)

I Am a Hotel
I Am a Hotel was a music movie based on the songs Memories, Suzanne, Chelsea Hotel # 2 and The Guests, filmed at Toronto's King Eddy Hotel. The movie is a nostalgic experience of a "resident" (Leonard Cohen) in a hotel where young and old people live their dream (Suzanne), love (Memories and Chelsea Hotel # 2), separation (The Gypsy's Wife), and their broken feelings (The Guests). Leonard plays his own part in "Suzanne", the observer in the other songs.

Leonard Cohen....The Resident
Daniel Allman....Young Lover
Toller Cranston....The Manager
Bob Desrosiers....The Bellboy
Anne Ditchburn....The Gypsy Wife
Celia Franca....The Diva
Leo Leyden....The Admiral
Samantha Logan....Young Lover
Claudia Moore....Chambermaid
Alberta Watson....Suzanne

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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