Huckleberry Finn and His Friends (Series) (1981-1982)

Huckleberry Finn and His Friends
Huckleberry Finn and His Friends was a 26-part series documenting the exploits of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, based on books by American writer Mark Twain. The series was the only filmed version of the Twain classic to cover every episode in the original novel.

Though this Canada-Germany co-produced series was filmed in 1979, it did not appear on any Canadian stations until 1981. The series aired all over the world during the 80's and 90's.

Ian Tracey .... Huckleberry Finn
Sammy Snyders .... Tom Sawyer
Allan Anderson .... Mr. Walters
Hagan Beggs .... Pap Finn
Lloyd Berry .... Muff Potter
Rick Carlow .... Sam Davis
Lillian Carlson ... Widow Douglas
Nicola Cavendish .... Charlotte Grangerford
David Collins .... Jack
Bernie Coulson .... Sid Sawyer
John Curtis .... Pard
Alex Diakun .... Injun Joe
Melissa Dixon .... Mrs. Grangerford
Holly Findlay .... Becky Thatcher
Joseph Golland .... The Dauphin
Doug Greenall .... Tom Grangerford
Bruce Greenwood .... Bob Grangerford
Dinah Hinz .... Aunt Sally Phelps
Brigitte Horney .... Aunt Polly
Nancy Isaak .... Sophia Grangerford
Cathryn Johnston .... Miss Watson
Janet Judd .... Lize
Ernie King .... Nat
Don Mackay .... Reverend Silas Phelps
Blu Mankuma .... Jim
Walter Marsh .... Colonel Grangerford
Margaret Martin .... Mrs. Harper
Gunnar Möller .... Constable
Barney O'Sullivan .... Judge Thatcher
Paul Rothery .... Buck Grangerford
Franz Russell .... Mr. Carling
Brad Sakiyama .... Ben Rogers
Heinz Schimmelpfennig .... The Duke
Ted Stidder .... Mr. Ogle
Dale Walters .... Joe Harper

Original Broadcaster(s): Syndicated

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This was a wonderful series. I would love to be able to purchase it on dvd so that my grandchildren can enjoy it as I did and my children did.
Owner's reply

the dvd has been recently released in europe. you can purchase online from a merchant located there or wait for the north american release.

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