Episode Guide - Howdy Doody (Series) (1954-1959)

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Howdy Doody
Dec 25, 1956 - Santa Claus arrives In Doodyville

Dec 25, 1957 - It's Christmas time in Doodyville and Dilly Dally has a secret which he's determined to keep to the last. Everybody goes to a big party and sings and dances; even Phineas T. Bluster has a good time.

Oct 27, 1958 - Latisha, the witch, comes to Doodyville and has a fight with Willow, the friendly fairy, over the education of Heidi. Latisha thinks Heidi should become a witch.

Oct 29, 1958 - Mr. Bluster gets grumpy and won't sell anybody pumpkins or apples, which means that Doodyville will be without pumpkins and apples over Hallowe'en.

Oct 31, 1958 - Timber Tom and Mendel Mason trick Mr. Bluster into giving away his pumpkins and apples for Hallowe'en.

Nov 18, 1958 - Willie Winkum and the Snow Queen get impatient because there's no snow in Doodyville.

Nov 20, 1958 - Dilly Dally opens an ice cream stand.

Nov 22, 1958 - Mr Bluster's ice cream machine turns out a mountain of snow.

Dec 1, 1958 - Doodyville's football team is getting beaten.

Dec 3, 1958 - The Doodyville band holds its first practice.

Dec 22, 1958 - Pam sends a card saying she'll be home for Christmas.

Dec 24, 1958 - Everyone follows the mysterious stranger to his cave.

Jan 19, 1959 - Clarabell sets himself up in business with a portable service station. Someone named Ballyhoo wants to take Dilly Dally to Britain to become a TV star.

Jan 21, 1959 - Mendel Mason and Clarabell want to go to England, too. They rehearse an act for Ballyhoo, but get things garbled.

Jan 23, 1959 - Dilly goes to a movie and decides that he wants to be a racing car driver, instead of a TV star.

May 11, 1959 - Today Mr. Bluster buys a statue to stand in Doodyville square. Willow prepares a potion to make the statue look more lifelike, but after she sprays the statue with it, the statue mysteriously disappears.

May 13, 1959 - Today Willow and Dilly Dally are arrested for spraying the statue, and Clarabell goes out into the woods to search for the statue. The prisoners make their escape, and Mr. Bluster is furious.

May 15, 1959 - Timber Tom realizes that Clarabell's horse is part of the missing statue and Mr. Bluster finds the other part when the potion wears off. Willow, Dilly Dally- and the statue- are all saved.

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