Howdy Doody (Series) (1954-1959)

Howdy Doody
Originally an American program, "Howdy Doody" was rewritten and recast by CBC, Canadianizing characters such as Buffalo Bill into Timber Tom. The program featured an ongoing storyline, and a cast of characters performing songs and slapstick to a live studio audience known as the peanut gallery.

The CBC aired the all-Canadian version of "Howdy Doody" using original puppets from the American show. The American version continued its production using duplicates.

Jean Cavall .... Papa La Touke
James Doohan .... Ranger Bill
Robert Goulet .... Trapper Pierre
Barbara Hamilton .... Willow (later episodes)
Eric House .... Willow
Norma MacMillan .... Heidi Doody (voice)
Larry D. Mann .... Cap'n Scuttlebutt/Flub-a-Dub
Hal Marquette....Puppeteer
Renee Marquette....Puppeteer
Jack Mather .... Dilly Dally/Percival (voice)
Caryl McBain .... Princess Haida
Peter Mews .... Timber Tom
Donna Miller .... Prunella Bluster/Heidi Doody (voice)
Maxine Miller .... Princess Pan of the Forest
Claude Rae .... Howdy Doody/Phineas T. Buster/Mr. X (voice)
Alfie Scopp .... Clarabell
William Shatner .... Ranger Bob (1954)
Toby Tarnow .... Princess Pan of the Forest (later episodes)
Drew Thompson .... Mendel Mantelpiece Mason
Jackie White .... Voices

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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