House of Pride (Series) (1974-1976)

House of Pride
This half-hour, weekly family melodrama featured members of a far-flung Canadian family in a sort of peripatetic Whiteoaks of Jalna. The death of Dan Pride and the potential sale of the home to a developer for a million dollars were the two starting points. The Prides had shattered and drifted to Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Halifax. The offspring married into different ethnic communities, including the Quebecois in Montreal and Ukrainians in Winnipeg, representing the cultural mosaic that signified Canada.

Julie Amato .... Jenny Boychuk
Angela Clare .... Hester Pride
Neil Dainard .... Jim Dowhan
Paul Dufresne .... Claude Fortin
John Evans .... Rico
Colin Fox .... Dan Pride
Amulette Garneau .... Lili Fortin
Linda Sorensen
Charmion King .... Mary Kirby
Budd Knapp .... Ross Pride
Cec Linder .... Andrew Pride
Shirley Millner .... Carol Dowhan
Florence Patterson .... Bernice Pride
Steve Pernie .... Arthur Boychuk
George R. Robertson .... Irwin Fisher
David Stein .... Calvin Kirby
George Waight .... Old Daniel Pride
Murray Westgate .... Daniel Pride

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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