Hope Island (Series) (1999-2000)

Hope Island
Reverend Daniel Cooper has come to Hope Island to reopen the Community Church, hoping the assignment will help him through the grief of a terrible loss. Distrusted by the local inhabitants and with the church in a terrible state of disrepair and neglect, Daniel feels alone and rejected. He is befriended by a lonely boy named Dylan who will help him do repairs to the church. Daniel makes him an acolyte, much to the disapproval of Dylan's mom, Alex Stone, a single mother who runs the local inn 'The Widow's Walk'. Alex is the town's cynic who has long ago turned her back on the church. In time Daniel earns the trust and respect of Alex and many of Hope Island's colourful and eccentric characters. In turn the beauty and tranquility of Hope Island and the warmth of it's community will help Daniel heal, renewing and strengthening his faith. He finds love again as he comes to care deeply for Alex Stone.

Cameron Daddo .... Daniel Cooper
Suki Kaiser .... Alex Stone
Duncan Fraser .... Brian Brewster
Allison Hossack .... Molly Brewster
Veena Sood .... Callie Pender
David Lewis .... Kevin Mitchum
Max Peters .... Dylan Stone
Haig Sutherland .... Nub Flanders
Matthew Walker .... Father Mac
Gina Stockdale .... Ruby Vasquez
Beverley Elliott .... Bonita Vasquez
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