Hometown (Series) (1958)

Aka: Home Town

Hometown for thirteen weeks found the people of Willowbend in various festive moods. The story of each of these social events— Willowbend's golden jubilee, the town fair, a school dance, a Chivaree, and a farming bee, etc.— were told largely in music sung by the James Duncan Singers and soloists. The songs included folk songs, show tunes, and a number of new songs written especially for Hometown by producer Neil Harris. Bob McMullin was musical director, and he and Don Cowan of Regina made the musical arrangements and composed the incidental music.

In addition to the James Duncan Singers, a number of Winnipeg actors and actresses were seen as citizens of the town of Willowbend.

Hometown was adapted from a series of radio plays and published stories written by Neil Harris. The TV series was a continuation of the three Hometown shows that had already been presented locally. The TV series went to the full CBC-TV network.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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