Homemade TV (Series) (1976-1977)

Aka: Homemade Television

Homemade TV, a CBC kid's series, featured four great entertainers-improvisers: Larry and Fred Mollin, Phil Savath and Barry Flatman. It was contemporary humor and satire with sight gags, adventure stories, and it was creative, imaginative and witty with the outstanding talents of the dynamite quartet. There were take-offs on well-known movies eg: Ricky for Rocky and Ouest Sidestory for West Side Story and on plays - Pigmalion for Pygmalion. In its third season, the series expanded to a variety magazine format. In addition to the comedy sketches and the drama (The Big Story), additions were Sez Me, a forum for opinion by kids; That's Entertainment, reviews given by kids on books and movies and also Plug-in, where members of the studio and TV audience got involved working out their fantasies, predictions and common problems. It lead to children learning theatre and television and about themselves through playing.

The four cast members began as actors, directors, writers working individually. They saw an opportunity to begin a creative partnership and started Homemade Theatre, an acting school for children.

Fred Mollin .... Regular
Larry Mollin .... Regular
Barry Flatman .... Regular
Phil Savath .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Bandcouver, October 18, 2009
I remember watching this show as a kid in the 70's. There's one skit that hasn't been mentioned yet. They performed a parody of "Godzilla" called "Gerbilla". I forgot what the premise of the skit was ,but, it might have been about the owner of Gerbilla not keeping his cage clean or being careless in some way that turns everything upside down. I remember the show being one of the better kids shows on TV. I'm not sure if the CBC saved any episodes of this show. This should be on DVD. I'd love to see again.

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