Home Fires (Series) (1980-1983)

Home Fires
Home Fires took viewers into the home of the Lowe family - a Toronto doctor, his wife and two teenage children - as they experienced the World War II from the homefront. Gerard Parkes starred as Dr. Albert Lowe, the family patriarch and a general practitioner in a working-class, ethnic district of Toronto. Kim Yaroshevskaya played Hannah Lowe, the doctor's Polish-Jewish wife, who feared for the safety of her relatives in the old country. Wendy Crewson, as the Lowes' daughter Terry, made the difficult transition from adolescence to independent womanhood as the series progressed. Peter Spence played Sydney, the Lowes' teenage son.

Home Fires followed the events, both triumphant and tragic, in the lives of the Lowe family, from 1939 to 1945; the first eight episodes covering the first two years of the war.

Peter Spence .... Sydney Lowe
Wendy Crewson .... Terry Lowe
Gerard Parkes .... Dr. Albert Lowe
Kim Yaroshevskaya .... Hanna Lowe
Sheila Moore .... Nurse Marge Brower
Booth Savage .... Bruce McLeod
Jeff Wincott .... Graeme
Gil Yaron .... Jacob
David Gardner .... Larry Greene
Chris Wiggins .... Dr. Ted Campbell
Dennis Sweeting .... Mr. Hewitt
Norma Renault .... Mrs. Hewitt
Steven Sutherland .... Ejner
Norma Dell-Agnese .... Shirley
Sally Cahill .... Anne
Sean Sullivan .... Frank Donnel
Florence Patterson .... Mary Donnel
Suzette Couture .... Yvette

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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