Holiday Ranch (Series) (1953-1958)

Holiday Ranch
One of the most popular shows in Canadian television of the 1950s, Holiday Ranch was a simple variety show that seemed to be designed for fans of country music. It started its five year run on weeknights, but settled into a slot in the early evenings on Saturdays. The set was a ranch house, with a church visible through the window. In the first part of the show's history, the music was predominantly western, but later the musical direction took a more eclectic approach. Although the show's motif was western, the performers were distinctly Canadian, and owed more to contemporary popular musics, such as big band swing than to cowboy tunes for their training. Each show had a plot, of sorts, but the program's attraction could be found in the music and in the selection of beguiling characters who lived at or visited the ranch.

Cliff McKay....Host
Frannie Wright
Monique Cadieux (?-1956)
Lorraine McAllister (1956-?)
Doug "Hap" Masters
Vanda King
Priscilla Wright
Ron Sherman (aka/nee Shuman)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Ritchie Mac, January 15, 2014
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hi iam Ritchie McFarlane son of dapper Don Mcfarlane one of the stars on the show.i cant seem to get any of these shows open on here. pls advise,,plus if you are interesting i have a ton of press material and scrapbook items form the show that i would love to donate to the site..thanks RM text 250 882 7740 victoria BC canada

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