Hockey Night in Canada (Series) (1952- )

Hockey Night in Canada
Hockey Night in Canada is a popular television broadcast of National Hockey League games in Canada produced by the CBC. It is consistently the highest-rated Canadian-produced television program on Canadian television. The highest-rated segment of HNIC is Coach's Corner, an intermission show featuring Don Cherry and Ron MacLean.

Hockey Night in Canada airs regular season NHL games on the English network of the CBC every Saturday evening. Consecutive games are broadcast live, beginning with the early game at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT); the second contest begins after 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT) Radio-Canada (simulcasting with RDS in later years) aired La Soirée du hockey, featuring Montreal Canadiens games on Saturday evenings in French. In the past the SRC had aired Quebec Nordiques and Ottawa Senators games occasionally during the regular season if the Canadiens were not playing that night.

Mike Anscombe .... Intermission Host (1970-1972)
Steve Armitage .... Host (?-)
Scotty Bowman .... Colour Commentator (1987-1988)
Don Cherry .... Coach's Corner (1980-)
Bob Cole .... Play-by-Play Announcer (1969-)
Ward Cornell .... Host (1959-1972)
Marc Crawford .... Colour Commentator
Chris Cuthbert .... Play-by-Play Announcer (????-2004)
John Davidson .... Colour Commentator (1984-1986, 1999-)
Jack Dennett .... Analyst (1959-1975)
Gary Dornhoefer .... Colour Commentator (1987-1990)
Patrick Flatley .... Analyst
Danny Gallivan .... Play By Play Announcer (195?-197?)
Bill Goode Jr. .... Intermission Host (1970-1980)
Bill Hewitt .... Play-by-Play (1953-1986)
Foster Hewitt .... Commentator
Dave Hodge .... Host (1972-?)
Kelly Hrudey .... Analyst
Jim Hughson .... Play by Play Commentator (2005-)
Dick Irvin .... Play-by-Play Announcer (1967-)
Dan Kelly .... Play-by-Play (1987-1989)
Mark Lee
Brian MacFarlane .... Colour Commentator/Intermission Host/Analyst (1962-1990)
Ron MacLean .... Host (1986-)
Wes McKnight .... Intermission Host (1955-1959)
Howie Meeker .... Colour Commentator (1970-1995)
Greg Millen .... Colour Commentator
Harry Neale .... Colour Commentary (1977-)
Scott Oake .... Pre-Game Reporter
Dave Reynolds .... Intermission Host (1972-1976)
Ted Reynolds .... Intermission Host (1970-1980)
Jim Robson .... Play-by-Play (1970-1986)
Scott Russell .... Host (1989-)
Frank Selke Jr. .... Intermission Host (1960-1965)
Don Wittman .... Play-by-Play Announcer (1979-)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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