Hockey Night (TV Movie) (1984)

Hockey Night
What's a girl to do when her family picks up and moves to a small Ontario town where, according to one resident, fun hasn't even been invented yet? For Cathy, the answer's simple: strap on her goalie pads and try out for the boys' all-star hockey team. The result, of course, is bedlam. Local broadcaster Bum Johnston, for one, doesn't think a girl's place is in a hockey arena. The team sponsor, lumber magnate Bill Moss, also is less than thrilled at having his team referred to as "the Lumberettes." But Cathy stands firm between the pipes and not only helps the team win a few games, but also snares herself two loyal allies in Spear Kozak, the all-stars' all-star, and coach Willie Liepert, ably played by Rick Moranis in an unusual non-comic role.

Megan Follows .... Cathy Yarrow
Yannick Bisson .... Spear Kozak
Rick Moranis .... Willie Liepert
Gail Youngs .... Alice Yarrow
Henry Ramer .... Bill Moss
Sean McCann .... Mr. Kozak
Ingrid Veninger .... Evelynn
Maury Chaykin .... Bum Johnston
Robin Ward .... Kevin McLeod
Ken Camroux .... Shifty Nelson
Deanna Ethridge .... Laura Yarrow
Elizabeth Lennie .... Leipert's Girlfriend
Rob McEwan .... Referee
Ralph Benmergui .... Referee
Betty Carney .... Waitress

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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