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The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for Hobby Corner.

Oct 1, 1957 - First program in a new series. Today's program deals with one of the most popular of all hobbies - model airplane building.

Oct 8, 1957 - This week - photography.

Oct 15, 1957 - This week - puppets with John Hirsch.

Nov 12, 1957 - Today - how to build model ships and install them in glass bottles. From Winnipeg.

Dec 24, 1957 - As a brief respite from winter Glynne Morris talks to Bert Kynman about keeping tropical fish as a hobby.

Dec 31, 1957 - For all the boys and girls and their dads who received electric trains for Christmas, Frank Digby returns to tell Glynne Morris about model railroad scenery and track-laying.

Feb 18, 1958 - This week's hobby is model ships, and Glynne Morris' guest is Harry Wright of the Cutty Sark Club of Winnipeg.

Feb 25, 1958 - This week Glynne Morris takes his audience on a skin diving expedition to Lake Winnipeg and discusses the hobby with Lyle Merriman.

Apr 1, 1958 - This week Glynne Morris interviews H. G. Taylor, a collector of tokens and coins.

Apr 8, 1958 - This week Glynne Morris interviews two archers and a bow-maker, Andre Roziere.

Jun 10, 1958 - This week Glynne Morris and guest Betty Nickerson discuss basket weaving as a hobby.

Jun 17, 1958 - This week Betty Nickerson tells Glynne Morris about an unusual type of stone carving in which the hobbyist not only carves, but also makes his own raw material.

Jun 24, 1958 - This week ventriloquist Bob Swarts describes some of the tricks of his trade to Glynne Morris.

Jul 1, 1958 - Glynne Morris' guest this week is bird expert Harold Mossop, who will discuss bird-watching as a hobby and demonstrate the calls of some Canadian birds.

Jul 8, 1958 - Glynne Morris' guest this week is Charlie Selby, who will show how to tie flies.

Jul 14, 1958 - One of host Glynne Morriss' own hobbies takes the spotlight today as we have a demonstration of judo.

Jul 22, 1958 - This week— Bill Billyard joins Glynne Morris to show the ultimate in model boating— radio controlled boats.

Jul 29, 1958 - This week— "Home Movies." Felix Lazarus demonstrates how to make better movies.

Aug 5, 1958 - This week Glynne Morris' guest is John Hirsch who tells how to make hand puppets and how to plan your own puppet plays.

Aug 12, 1958 - This week Mrs. Inge Schlegel talks about paper-cutting and silhouette-making, and shows how to make decorative paper cutouts for framing, for making lamp shades or using as wall ornaments.

Sep 9, 1958 - Glynne Morris' guest this week is John Laubenstein who demonstrates the art of book-binding.

May 14, 1959 - This week- the first in a series of two programs on how to build a row-boat.

Aug 6, 1959 - Glynne Morris, the host of Hobby Corner, will interview Dr. Duncan Croll who is the president of the Gateway City Obedience Club. Dr. Croll will have with him a dog and two assistants who will demonstrate the method of training, obedience, and basic rules for good behavior.

Aug 13, 1959 - The guest on Hobby Corner is a young Canadian painter, Sgt. Walter Deschamps, who hopes to become famous by trading his paintings for antique swords and other edged weapons.

Aug 27, 1959 - Geoff Spurl returns to Hobby Corner to begin a five-week series on electronics. Glynne Morris is host.

Dec 4, 1959 - Jack Lockett on Hobby Corner will demonstrate how to make Christmas toys out of wood. A film will be shown of prisoners at Stony Mountain working at different crafts.

Dec 25, 1959 - A movie of a visit to Assiniboine Park Zoo will be shown.

Jan 8, 1960 - Hobby Corner will present Glynn Morris with his guest Jack Lockett who will show viewers some woodworking projects.

Feb 5, 1960 - The first show in a new series on the Winnipeg Police department. Co-host along with Glynne Morris will be James Toal, chief inspector of detectives.

Feb 19, 1960 - Hobby Corner features the third of six programs on the Winnipeg police department. Co-host along with Glynn Morris will be Inspector of Detectives James Toal.

Mar 4, 1960 - Hobby Comer presents the fifth program in a series of six on the Winnipeg police department. Today's topic is a night on a police beat in a patrol car and a look at the detective division. Co-hosts are Glynne Morris and James Toal, inspector of detectives.

Mar 11, 1960 - Hobby Corner will present the sixth and final program of the series on the Winnipeg police department. Topic for discussion will be Career Aspects, with Police Chief Robert Taft as special guest.

Mar 25, 1960 - Glynne Morris will discuss woodworking projects with guest Jack Lockett.

Apr 1, 1960 - Hobby Corner features host Glynne Morris discussing woodworking projects with guest Jack Lockett.

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