Highlander: The Raven (Series) (1998-1999)

Highlander: The Raven
Amanda, a recurring character from Highlander - The Series, is the main character here. An ex-cop, Nick Wolfe, discovers her true nature. The two then team up to fight criminals and other, evil, Immortals.

Elizabeth Gracen .... Amanda Darieux aka Amanda Montrose (1998-1999)
Paul Johansson .... Nick Wolfe
Patricia Gage .... Lucy Becker
Hannes Jaenicke .... Bert Myers (7 episodes)
Michael Copeman .... Carl Magnus (6 episodes)
Robert Cavanah .... Father Liam Riley (5 episodes)
Melanie Nicholls-King .... Officer Robbins (2 episodes)
Julian Richings .... Basil Morgan (2 episodes)
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