High Hopes (Series) (1978)

High Hopes was the first soap opera to be produced in Canada since Moment of Truth in the '60s. The serial was written by Canadians; it starred mostly Canadian actors and was produced in Toronto by Glen-Warren Productions. It ran in the U.S. on at least 22 stations and on CBC beginning Monday, April 3, 1978. Dr. Neal Chapman, played by Bruce Gray (a Canadian who's been living in the U.S. for the past seven years) provides the continuity in the series. He's a family counselor who's moved back to his home town after a divorce. Chapman's involvement with his clients will give rise to hundreds of changing subplots; the ups and downs of his life will provide the continuing thread.

Gina Dick .... Amy Sperry
Jayne Eastwood .... Louise Bates
Nuala Fitzgerald .... Paula Myles
Colin Fox .... Walter Telford
Cindy Girling .... Principal
Bruce Gray .... Dr. Neal Chapman
Barbara Kyle .... Trudy Bowen
Dorothy Malone .... Mrs. Herzog
Marianne McIsaac .... Jessica Myles (Chapman)
Jan Muszynski .... Dr. Dan Gerard
Candace O'Connor .... Helen Chapman
Nehemiah Persoff .... Dr. Aaron Herzog
Doris Petrie .... Meg "Mom" Chapman
Vivian Reis .... Norma Stewart
Michael Tait .... Michael Stewart, Sr.
Gordon Thomson .... Michael 'Mike' Stewart, Jr.
Deborah Turnbull .... Evelyn Telford
Granville Van Dusen .... Walter Telford
Geraint Wyn Davies .... Glen

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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