Hidden Room, The (Series) (1991-1993)

This half-hour anthology show usually featured a woman in hardship, musing about might-have-beens, or fighting for her life, such as a woman being visited by the ghost of the child she never had, a housewife discovering her own courage while battling a gang of thugs, a woman being visited by the romance novel hero in her head, or playing dangerous games of theft and sex with her own husband. In the third season, the format became more open-ended and generally Twilight-Zonish, such as the man who thinks he might be a werewolf.

Mimi Kuzyk....Woman in the Hidden Room
Larry A. McLean .... Henry Vill / Rent-A-Cop (2 episodes)
Yannick Bisson .... Glenn / John (2 episodes)
Don Francks .... Dick (2 episodes)
Carolyn Scott .... Tobey / Cicely Taylor (2 episodes)
Gloria Slade .... Shadow / Diane (2 episodes)
Amanda Plummer
Daniel Petrie
Barbara Williams
Geordie Johnson
Chris Potter
Melissa Gilbert
Amanda Donahoe
Alice Krige
Ally Sheedy
Marg Helgenberger
Harley Jane Kozak
Stephanie Zimbalist
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