Here's Looking at You (Series) (1962-1964)

Here's Looking at You
The format of Richard Willis' CTV show Here's Looking At You, was simple: Willis took women from his studio audience, got them up before the cameras, and proceeded to tell them that they didn't look as good as they might. Then he told them how they could improve.

He spoke to three or four women in each half-hour show, and did five afternoon shows a week. Willis never hesitated in giving his opinion, and he included their makeup, their face, their hair, their clothes, everything. He asked women their age, and how much their clothes cost. And he was frank in his recommendations and never minced words.

For ten years Willis was a top makeup expert in Hollywood. He was aided by Joan McCormick, who also assisted in the production of the show. Willis passed away in September, 1964.

Richard Willis .... Host
Joan McCormick .... Co-host

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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