Here Come the Seventies (Series) (1970-1973)

Aka: Here Come the 70s

Here Come the Seventies was a half-hour documentary series that looked ahead at anticipated technological marvels and innovations we could expect during the 70's. The program was described as a "pop public affairs show."

Henry Ramer .... Narrator

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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I remember the show - looking through the episode guide it was funny to see that auto mobiles were supposed to be history by 2000
!! hehe

I would love to see some of these shows - just to see how accurate they were. Another was about space stations orbiting the earth - in the future! Hard to find any videos so far.

byClick here to see the profile of this user palmtree, June 18, 2012
..but can't seem to find any shows any where on the net. Remember watching it very seriously as a kid. Great beginning. The decade of the seventies "in tech terms" would change the world man...scary.., real scary!
Was Tillicum by Syrnx, or Syrnx by Tillicum ,it was a quality program as well !

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