Heaven's Fire (TV Movie) (1999)

Heaven's Fire
Criminals plot to steal 100 million dollars worth of money plates from the US Treasury Department in Seattle. But suddenly the plan goes haywire when their getaway helicopter crashes into the building, creating a rapidly growing fire. Trapped inside the burning high-rise they try to capture a group of tourists for hostage, however they had not counted on a former treasury-agent being in the group. Soon a life and death match takes place inside the towering inferno.

Eric Roberts....Dean McConnell
Jürgen Prochnow....Quentin Darby
Venus Terzo....Michelle
Kaj-Erik Eriksen....Jeremy McConnell
Cali Timmins....Fiona Dell
Lisa Marie Caruk....Aimee Dell
Sheila Moore....Mrs. Lords
Don McKay....Mr. Lords
Craig Veroni....Juan Torres
Alf Humphreys....Ed Colby
John MacLaren....Al Wilkes
Stephen Mendel....Agent Walter Fane
David Fredericks....Bill Beckman
Ingrid Torrance....Terrel Phillips
Aaron Pearl....Tom
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