Heaven on Earth (Series) (1987)

Heaven On Earth follows several children and teens as they are sent from their homes in Wales and England to Canada. Host families await them and each child must adapt to their new surroundings, deal with their new duties and families and survive by holding into their friendships. Heaven on Earth is based on historical events and focuses on the trials and hardships of children who were unwanted but ultimately found their place in the world.

Torquil Campbell....Len Hawkins
Sarah Polley
Fiona Reid....Abigail
Sian Leisa Davies....Megan Davies
Nathan Adamson
Amos Crawley
Huw Davies....Gareth Andrews
Donna Edwards....Sophie Payne
David Hughes
Alison MacLeod....Lorna
Loreena McKennitt....Lady traveler
Maureen McRae....Mrs. Macdonald
Nicholas Rice....Gentleman traveler
Judy Sinclair
Cedric Smith....Mr. Macdonald
R.H. Thomson
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