Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? (Documentary) (1979)

Aka: Has Anybody Here Seen Canada? A History of Canadian Movies 1939-1953

The great Canadian celluloid story. From 1939, when the NFB was formed to promote the Canadian war effort, to the arrival of television in 1952, Canadian film has trod a long and rocky road. At times the fledgling industry seemed faced with an insurmountable problem: forced to compete with the moviemaking giants to the south without the benefit of protective laws, Canadian filmmakers could only stand by helplessly as millions of Canadian dollars flowed into U.S. coffers. But at other times they scored some gratifying victories, such as the NFB's two Academy Awards and the growth of a vital feature-film industry in Quebec. A wealth of archive footage—some of it rare—has been unearthed for this NFB retrospective: the 1942 hit "War Clouds in the Pacific"; an early Norman McLaren film promoting war bonds; Canadian adventure films such as the 1946 "Bush Pilot"; and "Inside Fighting Russia," which led to charges that the NFB was "a hot-bed of communism."

Aired on Apr 3, 1979.

Michael Kane....Narrator (voice)
Evelyn Cherry....Herself
Leo Choquette....Himself
F.R. 'Budge' Crawley....Himself (Crawley Films)
Tom Daly....Himself
Arthur Irwin....Himself
Paul L'Anglais....Himself (producer) (also archive footage)
Stuart Legg....Himself
Grant McLean....Himself
Ross McLean....Himself
Blake Owensmith....Himself
Walter Turnbull....Himself

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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