Harvest for the Heart (TV Movie) (1994)

Aka: Jacob's Harvest

Harvest for the Heart
Without a word of explanation, on the day before his wedding Jacob Hansen walks away, leaving Maddy, his bride-to-be; his father; brother Dan; and the family farm he was to inherit. Twenty years later Jake returns to find Dan and Maddy married and running the farm with the help of their children and his father. Jacob's father is overjoyed at the return of his son, but feelings of bitterness arise between the brothers, and the complex feelings and needs of each family member come into play. Battling a mysterious blight that threatens to destroy the farm, they struggle to understand their fears, overcome the past and express their love.

Ted Shackelford....Jacob 'Jake' Hansen
Ron White....Daniel 'Dan' Hansen
Rebecca Jenkins....Madeline 'Maddy' Hansen
Benjamin Vieweg....Jamie Hansen
Ken Pogue....James Hansen, Sr.
Zack Ward....Ross Hansen
Shane Meier....Stuart Hansen
Nikky Jansen....Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Hansen
Jill Riley....Gas Attendant
Rob Patterson....Dr. Morris
Victor Cowie....Minister
Keith James....Mr. Glover
Blake Taylor....Charles Farley
Larry Musser....Nick Stroganov
Chris Sigurdson....Gordon
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