Harlequin's This Matter of Marriage (TV Movie) (1998)

Aka: Mariage à tout prix, Le (French title)

Harlequin's This Matter of Marriage
Two female architects, Hallie Mitchell and Donnalee Crawford, approaching their midthirties, realize that building their business together does not mean they cannot also build personal relationships. Re-entering the dating game is challenging, and at times, proves to be outrageous. The architects' pursuit of love is echoed by their pursuit of a major building project for an eccentric billionaire, Adam Barr. In the midst of all this activity, Hallie, who has been searching for the man of her dreams, suddenly finds him... right next door.

Leslie Hope....Hallie
Rick Peters....Steve Marris
Sherry Miller....Donnalee
Natasha Greenblatt....Megan Marris
Carl Marotte....Greg Cavanaugh
Karl Pruner....Todd Stanfford
Shawn Thompson....Larry Mercer
Michael Nouri....Adam Barr
Michelle Duquet....Marylynn Marris
Jonathan Rannells....Jordy Randall
Peter Keleghan....Dana Hall
Don Granberry....Man 1
Jerry Perry....Man 2
Peter Cole....Video Man 1
Gary Forward....Video Man 2
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