Harlequin's The Awakening (TV Movie) (1995)

Aka: La force d'aimer (French title)

Harlequin's The Awakening
Sara lives in a small town where everybody knows everybody and her life is an open book. Left with the care of her family home, she has trouble meeting the mortgage payments and her ex-boyfriend is the bank manager attempting to foreclose. When she takes in boarders to meet expenses, she unwittingly rents a room to an international criminal hiding out from a bounty hunter, John Flynn. When the bounty hunter shows up, the criminal takes a hike. Reluctantly admitting that he might need her help, Flynn agrees to make Sara a partner for half the bounty if they catch the missing man in time. What follows is a wild ride where Sara discovered that she is anything but boring and predictable.

Cynthia Geary....Sara
David Beecroft....Flynn
Sheila McCarthy....Nancy
Maurice Godin....Nigel Bowers
David Ferry
Miguel Fernandes
David Gardner....Dr. Hamilton-Ives
Jenny Parsons....Register Clerk
Marilyn Peppiatt....Teller
Kay Caisley....Mrs. Thatcher
Jack Jessop....Mr. Thatcher
Pat Patterson....Mr. Maldon
Kimberly Huie....Secretary
Michael Dunston....Pianoman
Kelly Fiddick....Desk Clerk
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