Happyland (Series) (1957;1959-1960)

Happyland originally aired in Winnipeg in 1957 as a five-week music and variety series. It featured a nine piece band conducted by Jake Park. Each week, guest artists, both instrumental and vocal, appeared. The atmosphere of the old-time park band concerts was re-created both through the music and through the sets. Irv Stein, as a popcorn vendor, introduced the guests each week.

The music consisted of marches, polkas, and waltzes, with the emphasis on the old-time type of music which Jake Park's band featured on its weekly Polka Party on the Trans-Canada radio network.

A new series, also produced in Winnipeg, aired on the full CBC network in 1959. One more season aired in early 1960 in Winnipeg only.

Jake Park .... Bandleader
Irv Stein .... Regular
Jean Ramsay .... Regular
The Blue Sisters .... Regulars
Kerr Wilson .... Regular
Terry Arnason .... Regular
Donna Andert .... Regular
Alan Perry .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT, CBC

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