Hans in the Kitchen (Series) (1953-1956)

Aka: Good Eating

Hans in the Kitchen
German-born Hans Fread was Canadian television's first TV chef, hosting an 18-month weekly prime-time half hour cooking show on CBLT Toronto and then a 24-month series for CHCH-TV Hamilton. Fread also wrote a cooking column for the Toronto Telegram.

The show was known as "Good Eating" for the first couple of weeks. Hans didn't stick to kitchen matters and liked to talk about current events on his program. Each week a guest came on to share a recipe or a meal.

Hans Fread moved to Winnipeg for a couple of years in the early 60's before returning to Toronto. In Winnipeg, he appeared on CJAY-TV's afternoon show, At Home, and on the Barbecue Show.

Hans Fread .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, CHCH

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