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Season 1

Jan 7, 1981 - "A Matter of Principale." (Debut) Kate's affection for a 16-year-old unwed mother she is counselling makes it difficult for her to be objective and Mike puts his job on the line in order to help a girl who may have VD to get medical treatment. With Susi Cuthbert as Sandy; Irene Hogan as Mrs. Powell; and Helene Udy as Janice.

Jan 14, 1981 - "Pressure Point." Kate tries to bring a precocious teenage girl and her strict mother together while Mike and Webster are at odds over Mike giving a 13-year-old girl birth control information. Susan: Carolyn Timmins. Mrs. Armstrong: Trudy Desmond.

Jan 21, 1981 - Mike's professional ethics are pitted against his personal feelings for a beautiful girl. Sandra: Laura Henry. Joe: Albert Bernardo. Frank: Arthur Smith. Glenna Jones.

Jan 28, 1981 - "Second Chance." The son of a flamboyant carpet salesman turns to Kate for help with his father's drinking problem. Martin Coleman: Don Francks. Doug Coleman: Vincent Murray. Mrs. McCallum: Miriam Newhouse. Donna McCallum: Lisa Shamata.

Feb 4, 1981 - unknown episode

Feb 11, 1981 - unknown episode

Feb 18, 1981 - "Mothers and Dyads." Kate counsels a young girl who wants to seek out her real mother against the judgement of her adoptive parents. Debbie: Wendy Bushel. Mr. Moffop: Ron Singer. Mrs. Moffop: Luba Goy. Mrs. Boychuck: Barbara Green.

Feb 25, 1981 - Kate counsels a boy whose wealthy father has no time for him, and Webster is curious to know why her grandson is getting counselling from Mike. Brian; Peter Spence

Mar 4, 1981 - "Nothing But Trouble." Kate is saddled with an antisocial teenager who blames his problems on racial prejudice, while coworker Mike bends the law to help a young girl get birth-control pills.

Mar 18, 1981 - "I'm Not a Marriage Counsellor." A boy asks Kate to save his parents' marriage when it is threatened by a paternity suit. Perry: Mark Polley. Audrey: Jayne Eastwood. Romeo: Michael Fawkes. Fiona: Eliza Creighton. [Last show of the season]

Season 2

Jan 25, 1982 - "I'm OK - You're Retarded" (aka: I'm OK - We're All OK). Kate counsels a family in the hope of pointing out to them that their retarded son deserves the same rights granted to his brother, who is campaigning to have him removed from their school, and Mike helps a girl (Megan Follows) cope with her father's remarriage. Danny: Duncan McIntosh. Eric: Ian Watson. Mr. Semple: Allen Doremus. Mrs. Semple: Marion Gilseman.

Feb 1, 1982 - "I Left My Heart at the Ice Capades." Kate tries to negotiate a truce between a feuding mother and her daughter; and, with Mike, learns resuscitation from Mrs. Webster. Liz: Hana Gartner. Babs: Barbara Bush.

Feb 8, 1982 - "Movin' Out." Kate's client is a young girl who doesn't want to move again to a new town, not realizing the move is due to her father's homosexuality. Mike counsels a mother and her son on Tough Love.

Feb 15, 1982 - "Plasma Suite." Kate counsels a girl who thinks her mother is having an affair and Mike helps a teen-ager cope with the death of his best friend. Mrs. Costello: Jayne Eastwood. Parker: David Collins. Blondie: Wendy Bushel.

Feb 22, 1982 - "Teacher's Pet." Kate becomes involved in a case when parents seek advice on how to break up a relationship between their 15-year-old son (Leslie Toth) and his 26 year old teacher. Webster becomes the inspiration for a couple of punk musicians and Mike counsels a girl (Jennifer Young) who is boy crazy. Mr. Sleekier: Graham Jarvis. Mrs. Sleekier: Mignon Elkins. Pete: Vincent Murray.

Mar 1, 1982 - "The Princess and the Pea." Kate helps build up the self-esteem of a girl (Sheila McCarthy) whose only date is from a boy who has to invite the ugliest girl he can find to a party and Mike helps a young teenage boy (Mark Polley) cope with the embarrassment of bed-wetting.

Mar 8, 1982 - "The Beefcake Boy." Kate counsels two brothers when the older one demands that she tell his young brother to break up with his girlfriend because she has herpes. Mike meets with a 13-year-old, who is convinced that the world be destroyed at any moment by nuclear disaster. Mark: Joseph Kelly. Thomas: Andrew Sabiston. Gilbert: Elijah Siegler. Mr. Glade: Allan Royal. Mrs. Glade: Angela Fusco.

Mar 15, 1982 - "Make Room for Mommy." Kate counsels a teenage girl whose mother has moved in with her temporarily, and now is planning to stay forever. Mike is threatened by a biker when he advises the biker's girlfriend to break up the relationship. Sylvia: Denise Fergusson. Natalie: Laura Bruneau.

Mar 22, 1982 - "Days of Wine and Rabbis." Kate helps a distraught couple cope with the knowledge that their 16-year-old son is an alcoholic. Mike counsels a young boy who doesn't want to go through with his Bar Mitzvah because he can't cope with being a man. Guest Cast: Sean McCann as Mr. Cook; Arnie Achtman as Peter; Beth Anne Cole as Goldie; Ian Tracey as Randy.

Mar 29, 1982 - Mike counsels a teenage boy who supports his widowed mother, and Kate arranges a football scholarship for the only girl on a football team. Jack: Wilson Coneybeare. Mrs. Taylor: Louise Nicol. Susan: Megan Smith. Coach: Sean Sullivan.

Apr 5, 1982 - "My Wheels Belong To Daddy." Kate counsels a boy and his father about the use of the family car, Mike helps a new step-father and son with their relationship and Webster is having marital problems when her retired husband returns to school. Dan: Alec Willows. Leslie: Derrick Jones. Mr. Doyle: Bruno Gerussi. Jimmy: Lawrie Kaplansky. Ted: Sandy Webster. Leslie: Derrick Jones.

Season 3

Sep 27, 1982 - Kate prepares for a high school reunion while dealing with a child-custody battle, while Mike is swamped with expensive gifts from a client. Jocelyn: Rosemary Dunsmore.

Oct 4, 1982 - "Fun With Herb and Gloria." Kate deals with a girl who wants to run away from home after learning her parents belong to a swingers group, and Mike is assaulted by a client and wonders whether he should file charges.

Oct 11, 1982 - "Model Daughter." A child model comes to Kate for help, claiming that a photographer made sexual advances during a photo session. Kate is outraged to find that the girl's mother doesn't really care. Vanessa: Roberta Weiss. Mrs. Taylor: Jill Frappier. Ilsa: Helene Udy.

Oct 18, 1982 - Kate counsels a girl who is disturbed by her divorced mother's love life, and Mike helps a friend reaffirm his ethnic background. Tony: Saul Rubinek. Marlene: Matsu Anderson.

Oct 25, 1982 - Kate counsels a girl who is pregnant and faced with the problem of deciding what to do about it and still please her mother, her fiance and herself. Mike's client is a boy whose father, a professional clown, is a constant embarrassment to him.

Nov 1, 1982 - A client of Kate's has formed a singing group and Kate is the one who must tell her that she isn't good enough to be a professional, but the other three girls are. Mike tries to get through to a boy who is abusive to his mother and convinces him he should come in for counselling. Joan: Yanna Mcintosh. Betty: Jennifer Phipps. Brad: Michael Kirby. Martin: Brydon McDonald.

Nov 15, 1982 - Kate and Mike are both involved with a family that is deciding the fate of where a boy will live- with his mother and stepfather who are too strict, or with his father and stepmother who don't want him around. Roland: Allan Royal. Carol: Pixie Bigelow. Abe: Chris Wiggins. Rita: Patricia Phillips. [Postponed from Nov 8.]

Nov 29, 1982 - "The Diary." Kate helps a father and daughter get back together after the father invaded his daughter's privacy by reading her diary. Mike counsels a boy who can't live up to the image of his apparently perfect brother. With guest cast Harvey Atkin as Kelly; Dawn McNeil as Shelly; Wilson Coneybeare as Fed; Leo Leydon as Mr. Owens and Sandra Scott as Mrs. Owens.

Dec 6, 1982 - "A Man's Life." Mike plans a canoe trip for a group of overprotected boys, and Kate lends a helping hand when the head of a family is out of work for the first time in his life. Harry: John Swindells. [Postponed from an earlier date.]

Dec 20, 1982 - During Christmas festivities at the center, Mike counsels a girl who is trying to get rid of a bad reputation, and Kate helps a boy unmask what is troubling his mother. Holden: Paul Gross. Loretta: Linda Sorensen. Tina: Elizabeth Mason. Spence: James Hobson.

Jan 10, 1983 - Kate helps a girl prove to her parents that she is not mute by having her tested, and Mike discovers that one of his clients is addicted to Valium. Frank: Tom Harvey. Samatha: Roxanna Ziolkowska.

Jan 17, 1983 - Kate shares the concern of parents whose 16-year-old daughter has decided to leave home and travel to Vancouver with her boyfriend. Mike deals with a hypochondriacal boy

Jan 24, 1983 - Kate counsels a girl who's trying to emulate her hockey-playing father; Mike is involved with a mystery woman; and Mrs. Webster tries to convince the department computer that she isn't dead. Bobby: Steve Pernie. Bobbi: Laura Vickers.

Jan 31, 1983 - "The First Picture Show." Kate helps an eccentric teenage boy (Diego Matamoros), who is a filmmaker, overcome his fear of rejection when he decides not to enter his work into a competition, and Mike convinces a girl that she might be able to attract the kind of attention she craves if she experimented with a new look. Cynthia: Jeannie Elias. Laurie: Susan Jay.

Feb 7, 1983 - Kate acts as co-host of a radio hotline show with one of her old professors who wants to get out of social work because he can't communicate with his own son. Mike challenges a compulsive liar to tell the truth for one whole day and Webster challenges him to do the same thing. Sam Gold: Larry Mann. Roger Gold: Stewart Hughes.

Feb 14, 1983 - Kate is maneuvered into chaperoning two dancers who are travelling to New York to enter a dance competition. She must help the girl's boyfriend, who isn't her dance partner, cope with his feelings of jealousy. Another client tries to quit his addiction to video games.

Feb 21, 1983 - "Love Is Deaf." Kate counsels a girl who is afraid to break up with her potentially suicidal boyfriend, and Mike discovers that he and his best friend have a crush on the same girl. Webster has lost her hearing and Kate urges her to see a doctor. Gail: Lisa Langlois. Eric: Nicholas Campbell.

Season 4

Sep 26, 1983 - The center's staff prepares to put on a variety show, while Kate must counsel a young man who feels guilty for cheating on his girlfriend. Monty: Barclay Hope, Darcy: Jessica Steen.

Oct 3, 1983 - "The Clock Show." Kate counsels a young boy who plays the class clown in order to win his classmates attention and a young girl whose addiction to horror movies makes her afraid of everything, including the grandfather clock Webster has donated to the centre. Jerry: Judah Katz. Cindy: Kate Barker.

Oct 17, 1983 - A young girl who can't see herself in a menial job, gets a job as a stripper. Mike helps a boy gain the repsect of a group of boys who are always making fun of him. Nicole: Stephanie Morgenstern. Martin: Craig Webster. Ted: Sandy Webster.

Oct 31, 1983 - "Prickly Heats." Kate's efforts to help a Jamaican family living in the country illegally almost gets them deported, and Mike counsels a pregnant teen-ager about her plan to marry a much older man out of convenience. Tanya: Yanna Mcintosh. Lucy: Sherry Samuels. Ernie: Kevin Noble.

Nov 7, 1983 - Kate helps a delinquent teenaged girl prepare to go back home after six months in a group home. Mike talks a boy out of palgiarizing a poem for a homework assignment.

Nov 14, 1983 - A boy previously convicted of theft is the likely suspect after the center is robbed; and Mike has trouble accepting his sister's plans to vacation with her male friend. Rick: Louis Tucci. Gina: Sharon Heldt.

Nov 21, 1983 - Kate is confronted by a girl whose mother doesn't want her to attend school, while Mike causes a rift in a family when he convinces a boy to stand up for his rights. Angela: Susan McLeod. Mrs. Simons: Denise Fergusson. Donald: Julian Coutts.

Nov 28, 1983 - Mike tries to convince a free-spirited couple to enroll their daughter in school, and Kate counsels a successful actress who wants her daughter back after 15 years of separation. Sky: Don Francks. Freda: Diane D'Aquilla.

Dec 5, 1983 - Kate tries to explain the double standard to a young man who insists on knowing whether his fiancee is a virgin. Mike's group of kids who are obsessed with comuputers comes up with a program enabling computers to do social work.

Dec 12, 1983 - A teenage girl reveals to Kate that one of her teachers, a man Kate knows well, has done something to make her want to change schools. Andrea: Shannon Lawson. Ken: David McIlwraith.

Dec 19, 1983 - "The Hero." Mike saves a woman from a mugger and becomes a reluctant hero. Kate shows parents that they have a lot in common with their weight-lifting son by getting them all to communicate. Carl: Jeff Wincott. Mr. Holitski: Adam Ludwig. Mrs. Holitski: Patricia Hamilton.

Jan 2, 1984 - Kate counsels an overeager teen-age girl on the perils of rushing into marriage. Sheena: Alexandra Harding-Brown. Kent: Barclay Hope.

Jan 9, 1984 - Kate deals with a couple whose constant arguing is upsetting their daughter, and Peter, the newest counselor at the center, is working nonstop to avoid facing his own problem. Harvey: August Schellenberg. Harriet: Dawn Greenhalgh.

Jan 16, 1984 - Kate becomes involved in a custody battle when a husband decides, after striking it rich, that he wants his childreh. Peter explains to a mother that she can't ban her daughter's boyfriend from the house just because he is too attractive.

Jan 23, 1984 - Kate faces a moral dilemma when she unearths a disturbing fact about a client who is about to marry, and Peter has a crisis of his own when he learns he may lose his job because of budget cutbacks. Lindsay: Sarah Torgov. Bob: Paul Gross.

Jan 30, 1984 - Kate has a hard time convincing a client her father isn't a vampire, and Mike sets out to impress a girlfriend after being intimidated by a visiting ex-counselor. Jerry: Robin Ward. Sonia: Debbie Kisluk.

Feb 6, 1984 - "Kissing Cousin." Kate's cousin, a successful author, is paying more attention to his celebrity status than he is to his young son. Webster is convinced she is senile. Red: Hallam Banfield. Robin: Stephen Young.

Feb 13, 1984 - "Windjammer." A young girl has resorted to stealing in order to get some attention from her mother who sees her as the perfect child. Mike and Webster wage a practical joke war.

Feb 20, 1984 - "The Joint is Jumpin." Kate helps a girl from a strict ethnic background convince her father that cheerleading isn't immoral and Mike is forced to change his attitude on the use of marijuana when one of his clients gets into trouble.

Feb 27, 1984 - Mrs. Webster does not quite know how to handle the presence of her niece's boyfriend when the two stay over at her home, and the employment office for teenagers is jeopardized by an enterprising patron. Burt: Don Dickinson. Zolon: Paul O'Sullivan.

Season 5

Oct 15, 1984 - "Bahama Mama." Kate is asked to help the wife of one of her counsellor's to break the news to her husband that she has a 12-year old daughter she's never told him about. Mike and Webster are involved in a pool tournament at the Centre. With guest cast Ardon Bess and Claudette Roach.

Oct 22, 1984 - "Sparkling Spring Girl." Kate breaks an important rule and allows a homeless client to stay with her at her apartment; Webster meets an old beau and is devastated when he doesn't remember her; Mike takes a group of shy kids out on assignment to meet people. Maggie: Samantha Follows.

Oct 29, 1984 - Mike counsels a teenage girl who can't stand her dad's new lady friend- Kate; Kate's neighbor latches on to her and wants to become her best friend; and Webster listens to a troubled girl who won't leave the center. Elaine: Deborah Packer. Amanda: Laurel Holdsworth.

Nov 5, 1984 - When Kate's friend Elaine plans to marry, Kate introduces her to a client who is looking for a couple to adopt her baby rather than let an agency handle it; and Mike counsels Webster because Ted has been ignoring their love life.

Nov 12, 1984 - "Oy Vey, Mike's Going Away." Kate ends up in a dispute between the accountant and his wife when he comes over to go over the centre's books; Webster organizes a going away party for Mike, who's leaving his job to do volunteer work in Africa.

Nov 19, 1984 - Kate's globe-trotting father visits and proposes to Elaine (Deborah Packer); Mike helps a group of kids form a Dixieland band; and Webster drives everyone crazy with her One Minute Management system. Ward: Chris Wiggins. Deanna: Lossen Chambers.

Nov 26, 1984 - Kate discovers that the father of one of her clients leads a double life with another wife and child, and Webster helps Mike locate the girl of his highschool dreams. Jay: Peter Dvorsky. Muriel: Vinetta Strombergs. Janice: Maggie Butterfield.

Dec 3, 1984 - Kate decides whether or not to host a hotline radio show for teens while Mike and Webster find the extra work at the centre too much with which to cope; Mike helps the daughter of a radio celebrity make a career decision. Madame Falbert: Denise Proulx.

Dec 10, 1984 - "The Party." A young couple are starting a party-planning service and Kate agrees to throw a party to help launch them; and Kate must tell a girl the reason why her boyfriend left her is because he is gay. Mike dyes Webster's hair for her. Daryl: Jeff Wincott. Karen: Kelly Rowan.

Dec 24, 1984 - Money is short for a Christmas party at the centre so Elaine volunteers to help Webster with the arrangements; Kate prepares to go on a promotional tour over the holidays for her radio show and Mike is desperate to be her replacement.

Jan 7, 1985 - "Okay, Blue Jays." Kate helps a girl decide whether or not her suitor is a gigolo. Mike is making an occupational guidance video and helps a boy who doesn't want to join the family juggling troupe. Webster decides she has to help the struggling pitching staff of the Blue Jays baseball team.

Jan 21, 1985 - While Kate is in the hospital for tonsillitis, she meets a grandfather who hasn't seen his grandson since his daughter-in-law won custody; Mike auditions for the annual talent show; and Webster fears she,won't get her raise because Kate isn't around to meet with head office.

Jan 28, 1985 - "Take One, They're Free." The Centre is distributing free condoms for Birth Control Week but nobody is taking them. Kate thinks that the mother of one of her clients is a project and Mike tries to convince a boy he shouldn't do his girlfriend's schoolwork for her. Marlene:Susan MacLeod. Romona; Jill Frappier. Steven: John Wing.

Feb 4, 1985 - Kate's client is a young girl who is hiding in her room for fear of a nuclear holocaust. Mike tries to fight a speeding ticket and helps a young boy who feels he is being pressured by his family into becoming a lawyer. Webster thinks that taking up skydiving will relieve her boredom. Max: Don Lake. Jane: Robin Craig. Barbara: Randi Richmond.

Feb 18, 1985 - Kate is pursued by the father of a young girl she befriends, Mike is undecided about what to do with his sick dog, and Webster must help a client of Kate's win the baking competition in which she's also entered. Mr. Hepburn: Gordon Clapp. Hayley: Hilary Fraser. Rhonda: Sherri Samuels

Feb 25, 1985 - Kate investigates the relationship between the teen-age daughter of a divorced friend and an older man, and Mike tries to help a client's mother quit smoking. Sylvia: Darcy Dunlop. Edie: Diane Flack. Alice: Robin Stewart. Dusty: Marilyn Peppiatt.

Mar 4, 1985 - Mike plans to marry Rosanna, but gets cold feet after convincing himself he won't be up to her expectations; Webster opens a video dating service for seniors. Erroll: Ardon Bess. Lily: Beth Amos. Gardener: Charles Jolliffe. Old Man: Bill Shelden. Wally Bogg: John MacKenzie.

Season 6

Sep 30, 1985 - "You've Got a Friend."The sixth season opens with Kate, Webster and Mike becoming involved with the issue of latch-key children, when they give refuge to a little boy and his classmates, defying instructions from head office. Halo: Sunny Besen-Thrasher. Mr. Peacock: Bruce Pirrie. [Postponed from Sep 16, 1985]

Oct 7, 1985 - "Standup Comic." Kate tries to help a fellow social worker and her boyfriend work out their differences; Mike cures a stand-up comic's stage fright; and Webster shops around for a mink coat at cost. Anne: Susan Jay. Bernie: Marvin Karon. Kenny: John Wing Jr. Troubled Kid in Miner Hat: Denis McGrath.

Oct 21, 1985 - Mike gets jealous when his wife takes a job that keeps her travelling with her handsome boss; Webster must deal with a girl who protests that her classes are sexist.

Oct 28, 1985 - Kate helps a dying man cope with his condition; and Mike gets upset when Rosanna buys herself an engagement ring.

Nov 11, 1985 - "The Dusty Queens." Kate helps a successful young rock musician who suddenly quits for no apparent reason. Mike doesn't know what to do about his 12-year-old cousin who is attracting older boys.

Nov 18, 1985 - Kate finds out from a friend that Mike won't get a job he had his hopes up for; Webster doesn't know how to tell a widowed friend to become more self-reliant. Bucky: Derek McGrath.

Nov 25, 1985 - Webster starts to worry that Kate is going to miss her chance to settle down and have a family. To help Kate out she tries to find her the perfect mate, but Kate turns out to be hard to please. Don: Dale Wilson.

Dec 9, 1985 - Webster takes some time off, so Kate's mother (Kate Reid) takes over at the centre. Things get difficult, though, when Kate decides she must fire her.

Dec 16, 1985 - Kate finds herself falling for a less than attractive man who is the butt of Webster's and Mike's jokes; Mike gets in trouble for taking headoffice orders too well. Benjy: Peter Kastner. Anne: Susan Jay.

Jan 6, 1986 - Mike is upset because Rosannas father won't include him in the family portrait. Kate helps a young girl whose divorced parents are upsetting her wedding plans; and Webster meets an old flame she thought had died in the war.

Jan 13, 1986 - Kate gets wrapped up in planning a birthday party for her daughter; Mike discovers that the center is owned by his father-in-law; Webster gives everyone her cold. Debbie: Darcy Dunlop. Andrea: Karen Hines. Lou: Henry Ramer.

Jan 27, 1986 - When Mike's grandmother dies after he places her in a nursing home, he blames himself and then Kate for giving him the idea; Kate deals with a young man who likes older women; Webster distracts everyone with her photo contest. Gigi: Elena Kudaba. Kendall: Alvaro D'Antonio.

Feb 3, 1986 - Kate looks for someone to help her communicate with a deaf boy and tries to convince a child star who knows sign language to help her; Rosanna balks when David tries to take her on a trip with the guys to baseball camp. Dara: Barbara Lynn-Redpath.

Feb 10, 1986 - Kate's recently widowed sister arrives to sell her multi-million dollar company and Kate tries to convince her to do the opposite.

Feb 17, 1986 - Kate tries to calm a young man who's upset when his girlfriend gets his old job; Webster thinks she's the victim of a curse; Mike tries to mediate between his wife and his mother-inlaw. Kaz: Jeff Pustil. Donna: Lessen Chambers. Madam Butcher: Kay Hawtrey.

Feb 24, 1986 - When things get out of control during Mike and Rosanna's attempts to draw up a marriage contract, Kate steps in to get the lovebirds back together; a divorced man is too upset to see his daughters; a young girl is hiding something at the Centre.

Mar 2, 1986 - Kate gets a surprise visit from her father; Mike has an admirer; Webster finds out the new dance instructor's real intentions. Ward: Chris Wiggins. Victor; Ken Wickes.

Season 7

Sep 29, 1986 - In the seventh season opener, Kate tries her hand at hosting a TV show aimed at teens and their problems. Unfortunately, Kate is the last to realize she doesn't have the talent for the job.

Oct 6, 1986 - Kate, Webster and Mike are conned by a young man who offers his services to the centre as a volunteer during the fund-raising drive.

Oct 13, 1986 - A nervous teenaged girl has trouble confiding to Kate that she is an anorexic. Mike tries to keep secret his passion for dressmaking and has Webster convinced he is a transvestite.

Oct 20, 1986 - Kate helps a young hockey player with a reputation for brawling accept himself when he comes to the Centre to work with a group of kids.

Nov 3, 1986 - Mike's dedication to his clients has Rosanna jealous over the time he spends with them, time that might otherwise be spent with her.

Nov 24, 1986 - Kate confronts a father and son over their bigoted attitudes. Mike backs an unlikely contestant for a beauty pageant against Kate and Webster's advice.

Dec 1, 1986 - "Stop The Mugging." When Webster gets her purse snatched she wants revenge and gets Mike to help her. Kate deals with a teenaged girl who needs moral support at an audition and inadvertently gets the part herself.

Dec 8, 1986 - Kate counsels a teenaged married couple on their problems while giving them assistance with a new doll they are trying to market. Sara: Cindy Preston. Andy: Andrew Miller.

Dec 22, 1986 - Kate tries to help a man and his family who are forced to live in a van because they can't find affordable housing; Mike attends his high-school reunion. Hudson: Derek McGrath.

Dec 29, 1986 - When Kate hires a tough biker to do some painting at the Centre, they both discover that the boy's inability to get along in the world has to do with the fact that he is dyslexic.

Jan 5, 1987 - Kate helps Mike get a client into a group home by using the influence of her friend Maggie, who is the director of the homes.

Jan 12, 1987 - An old boyfriend of Kate's comes back into her life with a proclamation of love and a proposal of marriage. Frank: Barry Flatman.

Jan 19, 1987 - Maggie is called to the Halfway House when Bobbi (Lisa Messenger) is accused of theft.

Feb 9, 1987 - Maggie is asked to help a friend who is trying to get custody of his children from foster care. Greg: Greg Morton.

Feb 16, 1987 - Maggie takes in a derelict (Sunny Besen-Thrasher) who turns out to be a former child star. Francis: Tom Wood. Jody: Eric McCormack.

Feb 23, 1987 - When one of the residents at the halfway house accuses Greg of attacking her, a mock trial is staged and Greg stands as his own defense.

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