Half the George Kirby Comedy Hour (Series) (1972-1973)

Aka: The George Kirby Show

George Kirby's 1972 special, The George Kirby Show, led to his hosting a sketch comedy and variety show, Half the George Kirby Comedy Hour. On the program, Kirby sang, did comedy monologues and sketches, character impressions, worked with his guests and appeared in a series of recurring characterizations. His Fathah Goose routine (in which he read marvously outlandish stories to his studio audience) was already well-known. Regulars included Jack Duffy, Julie Amato and The Kirby Girls. Running skits involved Duffy and Amato as a totally incompatible couple stranded on a desert island, and Julie doubled in brass as the Ding Dong Lady. Other recurring sequences included Kirby as Charlie the Doorman, Sidney the Puppet and S. J. Kilpatrick the Candidate.

Produced by Winters-Rosen Productions

George Kirby .... Host/Performer
Julie Amato .... Regular
Jack Duffy .... Regular
Joey Hollingsworth .... Regular
Roy Woodsworth .... Regular
Connie Martin .... Regular
Steve Weston .... Regular
Dianne Brooks .... Kirby Girl
Stephanie Taylor .... Kirby Girl
Betty Richardson .... Kirby Girl

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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