Gunfighters, The (TV Movie) (1987)

Gunfighters, The
The Everetts, two brothers and a cousin are trying to make a go of their ranch in Kansas but Deke Turner, someone who wants to see them fail, is doing everything he can to see that happen. The younger brother's hero is Billy the Kid, and while during an argument with someone who works for Turner, he kills him in self-defense but Turner makes it appear that he killed an unarmed man. He is then urged by his brother to run. When he is caught and is about to be brought back to Kansas to be hung, his brother and cousin break him out. And now pegged as outlaws, they decide to get back at Turner by robbing him.

Art Hindle....Cole Everett
Reiner Schöne....Dutch Everett
Anthony Addabbo....Matt Everett
George Kennedy....Deke Turner
Michael Kane....Gov. Hornbeck
Lori Hallier....Sally Wells
Howard Kruschke....Jake Morant
Francis Damberger....Sam Martin
Beverley Hendry....Kate Burrows
Wendell Smith....Sheriff Burrows
Moira Walley....Lorna
Dale Wilson....Coburn
Bill Meilen....Bennett
Bryan Fustukian....Henry
Eric Allan Kramer....Luke Collins
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