Gullage's (Series) (1996-1998)

The title refers to a dismal little renegade cab stand in downtown St. John's and stories flow from the interaction of the various characters that pass through it.

And what characters.

First, there's our hero, Calvin Pope, a balding middle-aged taxi driver who has seen the world but prefers to stay at home and savor its innocence. And yet he frequently anguishes about where his life is going.

And like Calvin himself, viewers are unsure about his hot-and-cold relationship with Iris, the saucy 40-something lady who lives right next door and is the mother of his grown daughter but may or may not be his wife.

Calvin lives instead in a cramped bungalow with his chain-smoking no-nonsense mom Angora, the daughter Dolly and her illegitimate child ... and an old fella. He might be somebody's great uncle but he never speaks, he just sits in his favourite spot in the corner of the kitchen rolling smokes and sipping tea from the saucer.

"It's not a typical Newfoundland family by any means," says creator-producer Bill MacGillivray, a native son. "It's just a family."

Frank Barry .... Little Jimmy Gullage
Mercedes Barry .... Mrs. Clancy
Brian Best .... Russell
Brenda Devine .... Iris Hussey
Philip Dinn .... Bert
Ray Guy .... Mr. Clancy
Bryan Hennessey .... Calvin Pope
Elizabeth Pickard .... Dolly Pope
Jody Richardson .... Eugene 'Nuts' O'Neil
Janis Spence .... Angora Pope
Michael Wade .... Pis Parsons

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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