Great Detective, The (Series) (1979-1982)

Great Detective, The
The Great Detective was inspired by exploits of John Wilson Murray, Canada's first government-appointed detective, set in the latter part of the Victorian era. The leading character Inspector Alistair Cameron, played by Douglas Campbell, was a fictional counterpart of Murray. Inspector Cameron was ably assisted by his friend, forensic scientist Dr. Chisholm, played by Sandy Webster. Also giving Cameron a hand were his bodyguard Sgt. Striker (James Dugan); Willie (Roy Wordsworth), an ex-convict with underworld connections; Prudence (Tracy Brett), Cameron's young niece; and Mrs. Lutz (Kay Hawtrey) his housekeeper. A taped series, The Great Detective was produced on location at Rockwood, Kleinberg and Shadow Lake in Ontario, as well as Victoria areas of downtown Toronto and CBC's television Studio 7.

Producer: Peter Wildeblood.

Writers included Peter Wildeblood, John C.W. Saxon, Gordon Rattan, Clinton Bomphray, Frank McEnaney and David Helwig.

Directors included Bill Hays, Herb Roland, Rudi Dorn, John Trent and Moira Armstrong.

Douglas Campbell .... Inspector Allistair Cameron
James Dugan .... Sergeant Striker
Sandy Webster .... Dr. Chisholm
Kay Hawtrey .... Mrs. Lutz
Tracy Brett .... Prudence
Roy Wordsworth .... Willie

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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But all were really good. Great job by Douglas Campbell and the CBC, reminded me stylistically of some early BBC programs.

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