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Mar 9, 1956 - Debut. There'll be three sequences on the show — one about photographer Yousef Karsh, Ottawa photographer, another about spring fashions and the work of models, and another about the "human centrifuge" at the School of Aviation Medicine in Toronto.

Mar 16, 1956 - Ford Graphic will take viewers to Toronto for a backstage visit with the Opera Festival at the Royal Alexandra theatre in Montreal. Graphic will visit with Maurice (Rocket) Richard and his wife, and back again in Toronto, Dr. Ward Smith, of the Ontario provincial police criminal investigation branch crime lab, will be interviewed.

Mar 23, 1956 - Ford Graphic pits a panel of sportswriters against IBM's latest electronic brain to pick the winner of the Stanley cup, interviews Gen. H.D.G. Crerar in his study at Rockcliffe Park and tells the story of a little boy's first real crisis — having his tonsils out.

Apr 6, 1956 - Ford Graphic will focus its cameras on scenes from the Canadian skating championships at Gall, Madame Berger's famous restaurant in Hull, Que., and the hypnotizing of a University of Toronto student.

Apr 13, 1956 - Ford Graphic will focus its cameras on an RCAF all-weather fighter squadron at St. Hubert airport near Montreal and on Canadian singer Priscilla Wright.

Apr 20, 1956 - Canadian pianist Glen Gould will appear on Ford Graphic. Host Joe McCulley will also visit the Ontario College of Art students' ball in North Toronto. The theme of the ball is 2000 A.D Plus.

Apr 27, 1956 - Ford Graphic visits with Lionel Shapiro, Canadian war correspondent and author, and with Lola Sully, head of the chorus line at Montreal's Bellevue Casino.

May 4, 1956 - Host Joe McCulley will interview Col. Eddy Baker, managing director of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in Toronto, and Jackie MacDonald, a Toronto high school teacher who is also an outstanding athlete.

May 11, 1956 - Ford Graphic turns its cameras on the presentation of the Canadian Arts Council's award to Tom Patterson, who helped found the Stratford festival; on little girls receiving their first ballet lessons, and on French-Canadian actor Fridolia.

May 18, 1956 - Ford Graphic's cameras turn on Arnold Heeney, Canada's ambassador to the United States, in Washington, and on boxers in training at Toronto athletic club.

Jun 1, 1956 - Graphic will deal with the question, Is there such a thing as an average Canadian? Co-ordinator of the Canadian Institute of Public Opinion, Bryne Hope Sanders, will be a guest.

Jun 8, 1956 - Graphic presents an interview with wild animal trainer Al Oeming of Edmonton, and host Joe McCulley has a talk with actor Hume Cronyn.

Jun 15, 1956 - Graphic visits a steel mill in Hamilton, Ont., to describe the plate-rolling operation.

Jun 22, 1956 - Graphic turns its cameras on a man who's left prison after 3 1/2 years, and on what happens to metals at supersonic speeds.

Jun 29, 1956 - Interviews with Lord Athol Layton, a Toronto wrestler, and with a $1,000 dog.

Jul 6, 1956 - Graphic's final show will consist of a visit with a Liberace fan club and with a millionaire who started out as a cab driver.

Oct 5, 1956 - One of the Graphic items will be a Thanksgiving dinner at St. Andrew's Anglican church, Sturgeon Creek. The producer is Mervyn Rosenzveig of Toronto, and the host is Joe McCulley. Graphic's cameras will also visit the home of hockey broadcaster Foster Hewitt.

Oct 12, 1956 - Graphic visits Mayor Charlotte Whitton of Ottawa. Other features will include items on highspeed driving and musical stage direction.

Oct 19, 1956 - Graphic goes to visit singer Wally Koster, a former Winnipegger and football player Sam Etcheverry.

Oct 26, 1956 - Graphic presents interviews with lumber magnate H.R. MacMillan and Eugene Kash, conductor of the Ottawa Philharmonic orchestra.

Nov 2, 1956 - Tonight, Graphic visits Dr. C.H. Best, co-discoverer of insulin, and Amanda Alarie, TV's Mama Plouffe.

Nov 23, 1956 - Graphic devotes the entire show to the Grey Cup Festival dinner in the Royal York hotel, Toronto.

Nov 30, 1956 - Singer Phyllis Marshall will appear on Graphic. There'll also be an item on the rehearsal of a TV show.

Dec 7, 1956 - Graphic's Joe McCulley will interview Santa Claus in Winnipeg.

Dec 14, 1956 - Joe McCulley interviews the choir of Grace Church On The Hill in Toronto, and Donald Gordon, CNR president.

Dec 21, 1956 - Maj-Gen. F.W. Worthington, Canadian civil defence coordinator, will be interviewed.

Dec 28, 1956 - Graphic interviews publisher Roy Thomson at his home in Fort Credit and the Chan family of Saskatoon.

Jan 4, 1957 - Claude Jodoin, president of the Canadian Labor Congress will be interviewed. In addition, Graphic's cameras will visit the Scott mission on Toronto's Yonge street.

Jan 11, 1957 - Graphic comes to Winnipeg for the Ken Watson Invitational Jam Pail bonspiel at the Orioles community club and an interview with Mr. Watson himself. Olympic marksman Gerry Ouellette will also be interviewed.

Jan 18, 1957 - Terry Sawchuk, who announced the other day that he was quitting the Boston Bruins, is scheduled for an interview. There was some doubt whether he'd turn up at his Detroit home in time, but at press time it was believed he'd be on as scheduled. Host Joe McCully will also interview financier Joe Hirschorn who helped promote the Blind River uranium project.

Feb 1, 1957 - Joe McCully will conduct a visit to the home of Clyde Gilmour in Toronto. Then on to Montreal for an interview with Dr. Taylor Statten, psychiatrist at the Montreal Children's hospital.

Feb 8, 1957 - Joe McCulley talks with Pete Brodie, warden of Jasper National Park, and with Adelaide Sinclair, who has been appointed deputy executive director for programs of the United Nations Children's fund.

Feb 15, 1957 - Joe McCulley, interviews Ann Francis, Ottawa writer and radio commentator who used to live in Winnipeg. Viewers will also be introduced to her husband, John Bird. Holiday Ranch host Cliff McKay will be interviewed too.

Mar 1, 1957 - Canadian artist Arthur Lismer, of Montreal, and the husband and wife team of actors, Austin Willis and Kate Reid of Toronto will be interviewed.

Mar 8, 1957 - Music from Winnipeg, Montreal and Toronto will be featured. The program will include a visit with a square dance group at Sargent Park school in Winnipeg.

Mar 15, 1957 - Father Paul Moran, chaplain of the Montreal fire department, and a blacksmith from Port Stanley are interviewed.

Mar 22, 1957 - Joe McCulley interviews Frank Hatashita, a Japanese-Canadian judo expert, and Keith MacDonald, head of the solid state physics division of the National Research Council.

Mar 29, 1957 - Max Ferguson, known to radio listeners as Rawhide, and Harold Rogers, founder of the Kinsmen club, will be interviewed.

Apr 5, 1957 - Joe McCulley interviews Jean Bouchard, cancer specialist, in his clinic in Montreal. Also on this week's program is Rob Rumble, former football player (University of Toronto and Ottawa Roughriders) who is now a minister to the deaf in the Toronto area.

Apr 12, 1957 - One of Joe McCulley's guests this week is the Manitoba wildlife artist Clarence Tillenius. In addition, Mr. McCulley will talk to Viola MacMillan, president of the Miners and Prospectors association, who'll tell viewers what it's like to be a woman mining magnate.

Apr 26, 1957 - Joe McCulley interviews airmen who have just returned from exploring the Antarctic, and Mrs. Margaret Murray, editor of a newspaper in Fort St. John, B.C.

May 3, 1957 - Joe McCulley interviews Nelson Castonguay of Ottawa, and Elsa Neil with a collection of Antiques.

May 10, 1957 - Stanley M. Jones, president of the Winnipeg Grain Exchange, is interviewed by Joe McCulley. Also on the program is Toronto columnist Gordon Sinclair.

May 17, 1957 - Major Hill, who had challenged Niagara Falls on several occasions, will be interviewed from Niagara, Ont.

May 24, 1957 - Joe McCulley interviews bandleader Mart Kenney and his wife Norma Locke, and Cappy Holder, a Saint John, N.B. sailmaker.

May 31, 1957 - Joe McCulley talks to best selling novelist Nicolas Monsarrat, author of the "Cruel Sea", from his home in Hull, Quebec. Then interviewed is carnival ride operator, Patty Conklin, who operates an amusement park for children on the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition at Toronto.

Jun 7, 1957 - Joe McCulley interviews Flt.-Sgt. J.W. Jamison of the RCAF's search and rescue squad at Stevenson field, Winnipeg, and Helen Creighton, a Maritimer who collects folk songs.

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