Goosebumps (Series) (1995-1998)

Aka: Ultimate Goosebumps (third season title)

Goosebumps is a television series that aired on YTV. It is a horror anthology series for children, based on the Goosebumps books by R. L. Stine.

The show ran for three full-length seasons, and an eight-episode fourth season; totalling 76 episodes. In total, forty-three of the original books were adapted.

In the third season, the series' title was changed to The Ultimate Goosebumps.

R.L. Stine .... Host
Masato Chikusa .... Pizza eater
Cathal J. Dodd .... Slappy (voice)
Kerry Duff .... Margo
Gary Pearson .... Dad (Click) 1996
Shadia Simmons .... Alicia
Sheldon Smith .... Jerry Sadler (1996)
Scott Wickware .... Mystery Man/Haunted Mask / The Masked Mutant
John White .... Steve Boswell / Michael
Corey Sevier .... Edward / Ryan
Amos Crawley .... Chuck Green / Will
Diego Matamoros .... Morgred / Shadow Figure Voice

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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