Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story (TV Movie) (1996)

Golden Will: The Silken Laumann story is a made for TV movie based on the story of Canadian Silken Laumann, her dysfunctional family life, her various triumphs and tragedies, and culminating in her comeback from a near-crippling rowing accident.

The upsetting homelife is the twist in Golden Will. Silken and her sister Daniele (who was her partner in the `84 L.A. Olympics) are traumatised by the unhappiness of their mother, an artist who abandons them for as long as a year at a time.

Golden Will breaks the mold of biofilms, which tend to use "composites" - made-up characters with the traits of several real-life ones. Though a couple of names have been changed, the people close to Silken are here: Her best friend Marilyn Copeland, boyfriend (now husband) John Wallace and her demanding coach Mike Spracklen.

Nancy Anne Sakovich....Silken Laumann
Dylan Neal....John Wallace
Cedric Smith....Mike Spracklen
Susan Hogan....Marilyn Copeland
Eugene Robert Glazer....Mr. Laumann
Amanda Tapping....Kathryn Laumann
Kate Trotter....Mrs. Laumann
Lynn MacKenzie....Ellen
Craig Gardner....Track Coach
Amy E. Jacobson....Track Runner
Jason Knight....Rower
Jim Fawcett....Rower
Dennis O'Connor....Veterinarian
David Dunbar....German Official
Adrian Hough....German Surgeon
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