Going Coastal (Series)

Aka: MuchWest; MuchEast

Going Coastal
Much West and Much East each were weekly hour-long show focusing on Canada's west and east coast talent. Starting in 2001, the shows were sandwiched into a one-hour amalgam called Going Coastal which airs on MuchMusic on Sunday.

Mike Campbell .... Much East/Going Coastal Host (? -2002)
Terry David Mulligan .... Much West Host (? -1998)
Jay Mirus .... Much West Host (1998-1999)
Chris Nelson .... Much West/Going Coastal Host (2000- )
Matt Wells .... Going Coastal Host (East) (2002- )

Original Broadcaster(s): MuchMusic

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There used to be MuchWest & MuchEast.
After MM unwisely got rid of these shows, it merged them into a one hour show called "Going Coastal". The last show to offer any real representation of what was coming from the West Coast of Vancouver and Victoria. When MM replaced Chris Nelson as host, I stopped watching it. Is it even on anymore?
The cutting back on west coast representation, ( and music for that matter ), was the last nail in MM's coffin as far as I was concerned. I had the feeling "Going Coastal" had to produce shows with the more commercial-sounding acts to try to reach a larger audience. It didn't work. The fans of indie/alternative music were finding their fix on the internet as MM was failing miserably at giving this music needed airplay.
A couple of hilarious episodes featuring Bocephus King bumps its rating to 3 stars.

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