Go for It! (Series) (1996)

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica! Mountain biking in Utah! High-altitude trekking in the Andes! If you've ever thought about challenging a new sport or activity, here's the program to get you to "Go For It!".

"Go For It!" is a series for the adventurer and the adventurous of heart. It's how-to. It's adventure. It's an exciting action-oriented show for men and women.

Hosts Kevin Flynn and Teresa Roncon, and field host Phil Keoghan, are your guides to an entire world of personal challenge. Offering how-to tips for adventurers, the series combines scenes of thrilling outdoor pursuits with in-studio explanations and demonstrations of the recommended diet, exercise, clothes and gear to maximize enjoyment of the featured core adventure or sport.

The "Go For It!" hosts entice you to get out of that armchair and experience the rush of mountain biking, snowboarding, hang gliding and more. Go on a scenic tour in search of the world's best locations for pursuing each adventure.

Along the way, the program profiles fascinating people in sports and adventure. And meet Vern Glenn in his segment, "Anything Once". Watch as Vern tries everything from bungee-jumping to skydiving, usually with hilarious results.

Jim Burgess .... Pro BMX Bicyclist
Jeff Ferris .... Pro Skateboarder
Kevin J. Flynn .... Series Host
Lance Lyons .... Guest
Victoria Pratt .... Co-Host
Jason Richard .... In Line Skater
Teresa Roncon .... Series Co-Host
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