Gift to Last, A (Series) (1976; 1978-1979)

Gift to Last, A
The series, A Gift To Last, originated in a special of the same name, produced for Christmas 1976.

Over twenty-one episodes, the series traced the years 1899 to 1905 as seen through the experiences of an Anglo-Saxon family in small-town Tamarack, Ontario.

The series, which had gained widespread popularity, ended when Pinsent, who with Peter Wildeblood had written the show, decided that the three years he had given to A Gift To Last was enough. Besides its high ratings in Canada, by 1979 the CBC had sold the program to television stations in the U.S.A. and networks in Belgium, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa.

Gordon Pinsent .... Edgar Sturgess
Melvyn Douglas .... Clement Sturgess (special)
Mark Polley .... Young Clement Sturgess (series)
Syd Brown .... Old Clement Sturgess (series)
Janet Amos .... Clara Sturgess
John Evans .... John Trevelyan
Gerard Parkes .... James Sturgess
Kate Parr .... Jane Sturgess
Dixie Seatle .... Sheila Dooley
Ruth Springford .... Lizzy "Mother" Sturgess
Alan Scarfe .... Harrison Sturgess
R.H. Thomson .... Willie

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Never let a friend type drunk !
byClick here to see the profile of this user greazychikkin, November 1, 2009
Quality program I haven't seen in years.

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