Giant Mine (TV Movie) (1996)

Giant Mine
Based on the real events following the 1992 strike vote at Giant Mine, a Yellowknife gold mine in Canada's North West Territories, where miners make big money working in challenging conditions. Rather than back down to union demands, American mining magnate Peggy Witte hires strike breakers, contracts Pinkerton security forces to patrol the mine gates and then sits back to watch union members turn on each other and the town tear itself apart. After numerous valient attempts by the idealist protagonist Jim O'Neil to bring the two sides together, an explosion claims the lives of nine miners who crossed the picket line set up by members of CASAW (Canadian association of Smelter and Allied Workers). The angry striker, Roger Warren, is eventually convicted of second-degree murder for setting the bomb and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years. Giant Mine presents the age-old dilemna: whether to swallow your pride and pay the bills or stand by your co-workers, even if it cost you your job. But it not the age-old story of oppressed worker and the nasty owner but a contemporary tragedy about greed and the inability two warring factions to see the perspective of the other. Nominated for a Gemini for best film, Giant Mine received critical acclaim in both Canada and the UK. - Penelope Buitenhuis

Peter Outerbridge....Jim O'Neil
Thomas Mitchell....Chris Neill
Alberta Watson....Peggy Witte
Richard Fitzpatrick....John Fraherty
Peter MacNeill....Harry Seaton
Wayne Robson....Bill Schram
Shawn Doyle....Al Shearing
William Forrest MacDonald....Major Ralph
Frank Moore....Roger Warren
Alan C. Peterson....Tim Beuger
Scott Speedman....Spanky Riggs
Lubomir Mykytiuk....Josef Pandev
Chris Owens....Tom Aitken
Brad Borbridge....David Vodnoski
Christopher Benson....Arnold Russell
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