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"George's New Friend." This is the premiere episode of the new series about the adventures of a 250 pound St. Bernard named George. When a little boy's' aunt fails to meet him at the airport, George's master Jim, takes him home, but when the young boy discovers he must return to Berlin, he runs away - with George following right behind. (Original airdate: Sep 21, 1972)

"George Goes To School." George goes to obedience school and after only three days the animal trainer gives up in despair saying that George is untrainable. (Original airdate: Sep 28, 1972)

"Instincts Stir In George." George has everyone in a frenzy with his mystical disappearance. Freddie and Helga finally solve the mystery when they discover George has become a papa to two little fox puppies. (Original airdate: Oct 5, 1972)

"A Chalet For George." Fearing that he'll lose his lease because of a clause prohibiting pets in the house, Jim ties George up outside when the owner comes to check his property. The owner, being a lover of fine animals, becomes irate when he sees this, and Jim is in hot trouble. (Original airdate: Oct 12, 1972)

"Regina is Back in Town." Jim's rich sister Regina, and her husband come to visit, and being George's former owner, he instantly becomes the target of her womanly affections. Following a quarrel, her husband leaves her and Regina plans to return to New York with George. Regina: Linda Caroll. (Original airdate: Oct 19, 1972)

"Freddie's Charters." Freddie and George go into the charter business to help Jim and Walter out of their financial difficulties. They run into trouble when they accept a slolen watch for a fare. (Original airdate: Oct 26, 1972)

"Bone of Contention." Jim is forced to interrupt a chartered flight to London because of bad weather and invites his passenger, a palentologist carrying a rare bone, as his house guest for the evening. When the bone turns up missing the next morning, George is the prime suspect in the robbery. (Original airdate: Nov 2, 1972)

"George, Up and Away." Walter sneaks George aboard a charter to protect Jim against a passenger whom Walter fears to be a hijacker. George's appearance on board alarms the man, and a struggle breaks out, forcing Jim to make an emergency landing. (Original airdate: Nov 16, 1972)

"The Watchdog." Jim has to leave town on business and asks Walter to look alter George. While Walter is out doing the town with his date, George becomes the unsuspecting hero in an attempted robbery. (Original airdate: Nov 23, 1972)

"Michele of Geneva." George is the cause of jealousy between Freddie and his visiting French cousin, Michele. Following an argument between the two, Michele runs away and Is not found until George is called upon to come to the rescue. (Original airdate: Nov 30, 1972)

"George and the Goat Hut." Trying to seek out a little peace and quiet to do his work, Jim rents a small mountain cabin that is haunted by ghosts, as the legend goes. With the help of Walter and George, the mystery of the haunted house is solved. (Original airdate: Dec 14, 1972)

"Ten Days In Venice." Frau Gerber wins a trip to Venice and her accident-prone niece (Gila von Weittershausen) comes to take her place while she is gone. The girl has a very pessimistic view of herself and Jim and Walter take steps to improve her self image. (Original airdate: Dec 21, 1972)

"Get Rid of That Dog." George gets in the way of a tour guide who winds up losing business to Jim because of his tactics for handling George in front of clients. (Original airdate: Dec 28, 1972)

"George Takes a Trip." George, finding himself under foot around the chalet, decides to take his afternoon nap in the back of a moving van, and sets off a frantic search by everyone at home. (Original airdate: Jan 4, 1973)

"George the Matchmaker." Jim meets a beautiful concert pianist one day in the country, but gets off to a bad start when George knocks over the easel and painting she is working on. (Original airdate: Jan 11, 1973)

"The Perils of George and Pauline." Jim gets stuck with Pauline, a talking parrot who takes a liking to George. Trouble starts when Frau Gerber becomes convinced the bird is a jinx. (Original airdate: Jan 18, 1973)

"The Dog That Wouldn't Sit Up." Freddie's been boasting that George can do more tricks than his friend's German Shepherd, but he's forgotten that George has a mind of his own. (Original airdate: Jan 25, 1973)

"The Obstacle." Frau Gerber's horoscope comes true when she meets a man while she is out shopping. Their romance is short-lived when it is discovered that the stranger is married. John Banner guest stars. (Original airdate: Feb 1, 1973)

"A Surprise For George." A surprise party for Jim takes an unexpected turn when George's fear of cats lands him in trouble with a local cafe owner. (Original airdate: Feb 8, 1973)

"George On The Rocks." George inadvertantly plays Cupid when Helga meets a young mountain guide. Trouble develops when Helga's suitor discovers that George is not quite the dog he had expected. (Original airdate: Feb 15, 1973)

"George Falls In Love." It's love at first sight when George meets Princess, an attractive little dog owned by an aristocratic countess. Zsa Zsa Gabor guest stars. (Original airdate: Feb 22, 1973)

"George Goes Camping." When Freddie brags about his camping ability, he is challenged by a classmate. The result is a camping expedition that lands both boys in trouble and inadvertently makes George a hero. (Original airdate: Mar 1, 1973)

"George's Teddy Bear." George's stubborn persistence in returning a sick girl's discarded teddy bear presents problems, until his true motive is finally discovered. (Original airdate: Mar 8, 1973)

"George's Diet." George and Frau Gerber find themselves sharing a weight problem. Jim tries to correct the situation only to find George's over-eating mysteriously related to a dog owned by a local vet. (Original airdate: Mar 29, 1973)

"George's First Snow." When the school's ski team turns up being one man short, Freddie gets some very unusual assistance from George. (Original airdate: Apr 5, 1973)

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