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Jan 13, 1964 - "Smoking"

Apr 6, 1964 - "Religion." Viewing the subject through the eyes of three teenagers — self-avowed agnostics. They question Rev. William Glenesk, Presbyterian minister from Brooklyn Heights, New York, and a former Torontonian.

May 18, 1964 - "Girl Athletes." Talking to three teenage girl track stars- Cathy Chapman, Nancy McCredie, Abigail Hoffman — and their coaches Lloyd Percival and Paul Poce. All three girls live in the Toronto area and will be competing in the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Oct 6, 1964 - "Meet the Mayor"

Oct 27, 1964 - "Separatists"

Jan 26, 1965 - "Lifting the Curtain."

Feb 16, 1965 - "Fatherless Father"

Mar 2, 1965 - "Fathers and Daughters"

Apr 6, 1965 - "Who's Cheating"

May 24, 1965 - "Teenage Divorce." Several young people discuss their experiences of youthful marriage and divorce. Hosts: Bill McVean; Katie Johnson.

Jun 7, 1965 - "Mental Health"

[National broadcasts begin]

Aug 4, 1965 - This program is the first of a series dealing with the dialogue or lack of it between young people and adults. It examines the gap between the generations, and attempts to bridge it in a two-way communication on various topics of interest to both groups. Hostess is writer-broadcaster June Callwood. Tonight, the dilemma of young people in the Maritimes who have difficulty finding careers in their native surroundings is dealt with.

Aug 11, 1965 - "Probe and Con." Bill Sands, ex-convict and author of MY SHADOW RAN FAST, talks to Katie Johnson and Bill McVean about his life, crime and criminals, prison life, and what turns people to crime.

Aug 18, 1965 - "Delinquency." A documentary study of John, a twenty-year old delinquent. He and his family and friends are interviewed by June Callwood. He talks about his life and how he ended up in jail.

Aug 25, 1965 - Three fathers and their daughters discuss the mores of their respective generations — on matters of dating, pocket money, fads, discipline and other topics. Participants are: Gordie Tapp and his daughter Barbara; Leroy Grayson and his daughter Joanne; and George Nagy and his daughter Eva.

Sep 1, 1965 - "The Unquiet Revolution." An interview with Christine Truesdell, a twenty-year old Montreal law student and her family and friends by June Callwood, in an attempt to understand the changing nature of Quebec.

Sep 8, 1965 - Artist Viggy Blajzewicz and folk singer Lyn Ward tell how their families were divided on the issue of their children's choice of careers.

Sep 15, 1965 - This program looks at the younger Doukhobors in British Columbia, and asks whether they can break away from the rigid way of life imposed by their elders in the religious sect to which they belong.

[National broadcasts end]

Mar 15, 1966 - "Group Home"

Mar 22, 1966 - "Women and the Ministry." A look at the role of women in the church today and the prospects of having female clergy. Host: Bill McVean

Mar 29, 1966 - "Reform School for Boys"

Apr 5, 1966 - "Origin of Man"

Apr 12, 1966 - "The Mennonites"

May 10, 1966 - "Sally Ann." Documentary special about the Salvation Army.

May 17, 1966 - "Retarded Children"

Jun 7, 1966 - "Adoption." Documentary about the problem of adoption, as seen by parents of adopted children, social workers and adoption agency officials. Host: Bill McVean.

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