Gardening With Earl Cox (Series) (1967-1970)

Aka: The Gardener

On this series of fifteen minute broadcasts from Toronto, Earl Cox was assisted by CBC announcer Harry Mannis, and discussed gardening topics that pertained to the season, or took viewers to sites of horticultural interest, such as the Allan Gardens in Toronto.

From 7 January to 31 March 1968, gardening experts from other areas of the country shared the time slot, and the show's title, Gardening With..., was altered accordingly each week. They included Stan Westaway in Winnipeg, Bernard Moore in Vancouver, and Gordon Warren in Halifax.

From March 1-29, 1970, Westaway, Moore, and Warren did half-hour gardening shows on Sunday afternoons.

Earl Cox
Harry Mannis
Stan Westaway
Bernard Moore
Gordon Warren

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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