Episode Guide - Gallery, The (Series) (1973-1975)

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May 19, 1973 - "The Bedrooms of the Nation," an amusing, tongue-in-cheek look at the history of the bed with glimpses of some of the many activities going on in, and around and because of them. With Barry Morse.

May 26, 1973 - "The Stock-Car Boys." A glimpse of the colorful world of big-time stock-car racing... the Daytona 500. The first Canadian ever to race in the famous Daytona 500, Earl Ross of Ailsa Craig, Ont, will be profiled.

Jun 2, 1973 - Mini Portraits of two very different artists: Ralph Fasanella, who until recently pumped gas by day in New York City and painted by night; and Madja, a quiet, contented Dutch-Canadian artist who paints, weaves and enjoys a simple life on the Toronto Islands.

Jun 9, 1973 - "Transistor: Year 25." A quarter-century ago, three U.S. scientists invented the transistor and drastically changed the world and its technology. U.S. science-fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, discusses man's future.

Jun 16, 1973 - "Run For Your Life!" Members of the Stony-Indian tribe in the Bighorn Reserve area of Alberta chased and captured the last band of wild horses in that isolated region: a stallion, a mare and three colts.

Jun 23, 1973 - "Karate-Do." Karate, the ultimate Oriental art of self-protection, is currently enjoying its peak of popularity, especially in North America. Masami Tsuruika of Toronto, founder-president of the National Karate Association of Canada, demonstrates this precise art.

Jun 30, 1973 - "Alias Silas Huckleback." A unique profile of a fast-vanishing breed of Canadian, the prairie pioneer. Melvin Burritt, 84, who prefers the name Silas Hucklebuck, reminisces about the Canadian West at the turn of the century when he worked as a cowhand, settler and rancher.

Jul 14, 1973 - "Trespassers Will Be Eaten." A visit to the African Safari Park in Roekton, near Hamilton, Ont, where African animals roam and the visitors are in cages (their cars).

Aug 4, 1973 - "The Vertical Desert." The Grand Wall is a 1,600 foot sheer rock face on Squamish Chief, a mountain located some 40 miles north of Vancouver. Film-maker Alan Bibby struggles up this cliff with two young mountain climbers from Vancouver, Jim Sinclair and Jeannine Calbeck.

Aug 11, 1973 - "Are You Listening (You Out There)?" A light look at smalltown Canada, Woodstock, N.B. through the eyes of its radio station, CJCJ. (this episode originally scheduled for Jul 7, but was pre-empted.) (end of series)

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