Full Motion Fitness (Series) (1999)

Full Motion Fitness
Full Motion Fitness is based on one of the oldest Tai Chi forms in use today; the White Tiger system. Perhaps the purest form of martial arts, the White Tiger system is referred to as the Fast Eternal Pai System. It was said to contain the oldest forms of Tai Chi in the Western world today. It is truly a form of relaxation and exercise that all ages and levels of fitness can enjoy.

With permission from the masters, presented for the first time ever on television, level one of the White Tiger System of movements, known collectively as The Single Moon Ascending to Heaven is taught in easy to follow steps. Join host Richard Shergold, a 7th degree black belt in Shaolin Kempo, and some of his students as we learn each movement by following along with them. A voice-over narration track explains each of the moves, some of the history behind them, and includes health tips along the way. See how well you do!

Richard Shergold....Host
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